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We Can Change The World

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🌎 We can change the world! 🌎 • we as in *Christ followers* • We are all called to be difference makers - that doesn't mean we have to do drastic things in order to make a difference in this world. 🤔 How can I make a difference? 🤔 3 truths about the world around you - 1. You can change the world - 2. You are called by God to change the world - 3. You are invited to cooperate with God to change the world John 16:33 Romans 8:18-21 ✨John 1:5 ✨ Ephesians 2:8-10 God says we're in the "Yes! But not yet..." phase. You gotta change the world by changing yourself! Our motivation will come from deep seeded values, not motivational pep talks... 5️⃣🌱 5 deep seeded godly values that God wants you to create! 5️⃣ 🌱 - 1. Daring faith - 2. Fearless service - 3. Passionate excellence - 4. Extravagant generosity - 5. Unshakeable focus on the future Before you "DO" you gotta first "BE" Only embracing these values will only create a shelf life. The

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