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THE MISSING LINK  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  44:33
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I). MISSING LINK STARTS WITH BEING RIGHT WIHT GOD. a). Being right with God has 2 Parts to it. b). Legacy has 2 parts to it. c). You were Called to be Right with God. d). Once you get part then you can Move on. II). UNDERSTANDING OU RNEEDS HELPS THE MISSING LINK. a). Abraham Maslow in 1943 published "Hierarchy of Needs". b). Here's what they believe motivates you and Me. c). This is the Key to Happiness and Fulfilllment - The Missing LInk. To Look Beyond Yourself. III). THREE STARTER POINTS FOR THE MISSING LINK. a). Snuggle Up to God. b). Snuggle up to People. c). Snuggle up With Yourself. IV). CONCLUSION: WHAT HAS THE HOLY SPIRIT TOLD YOU TODAY?

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