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Open Our Eyes Lord

The Aftermath  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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They stood still looking sad
Are you the only one who doesn’t know?
They didn’t know what to believe about Jesus’ plans but they did know what to believe about what had happened. Three days after the crucifixion, these disciples were convinced He had died and now they didn’t know what to think.

Why do we miss Jesus?

1. They were talking among themselves - vs. 14-15

2. They were sad - vs. 17

3. They were disappointed - vs. 21

4. They didn’t recognize the signs of the times - vs. 22

5. They were not thinking in terms of God’s Word - vs. 27

How does Jesus try to reveal Himself?

1. His presence

2. His rebuke

3. His instruction

4. His tenderness

For some of us here today, God is trying to get our attention.
He is trying to break through the blinders that we have put on so that we can see Him.
He is persistent. We don’t know where Jesus joined the men, but it was a seven mile journey.
Jesus walked with them, He stayed with them, He ate with them.
He did not give up on them!
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