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Come Alive

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How you know that Pastor? Is that used to be me? Amen? Alright come alive. The play was about coming alive at the cross. The play was about coming to lie. There's nothing dead in Jesus. Amen. Jesus is Alive. Amen. Jesus is Alive. So we going to continue that that theme of coming alive that that the praise and worship Ministry started and we going to continue it by talking about the power to change your life. Turn to your neighbor say there's a power to change your life We're going to use Philippians chapter 3 verse 10 is are foundational scripture. It should come up on the screen. I want you to say this with me if you ready say past. I'm ready. Let's read that together that I may know him and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his suffering being conformed to his death now want you to join with me and our confession of faith. I want you to repeat this after me. I am not move. By what I see. about what I feel I am moved by what I believe. I believe the word of God the victory is mine. I have it now. I can see it through the eyes of my face. In Jesus name and I greet your neighbor next to you taking the one that's next year. Give God some praise and have a seat. We going to get into the word. Amen.

I'm going to ask one of the the greeters of the issues. If you could bring me some water, please one of the greeters and ushers so welcome to the most celebrated time of the year today. We celebrate the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. See more than 2,000 years ago God's Plan of Redemption alter this world forever. the power of sin The Sting of death was broken through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ that very first Easter Thank you.

In the first Easter death Was Defeated true life, which is spiritual life and God Triumph forever. The journey starts with coming alive to Jesus's life. We did that back on Palm Sunday when we can get in to understand what he was doing and when he got on that donkey and then when he moved under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Friday Good Friday, we can go down in fear or defeat but held our heads high in order to focus on the cross. They come alive 2 the sacrifice Jesus made. So today we celebrate. Jesus is Alive. And through his resurrection we come alive to his power to change our lives and transform each one of us into a new creation. Tell your neighbor. You are a new creation.

So you may be thinking. Dude, I don't know if I have the power to change.

You may be thinking I don't know if I have the power to change my attitude about some things or even my outlook on life. You might be thinking. I don't know if I have the strength to continue on in this crazy marriage. What is crazy relationship? Why don't know if I have the ability to break my addiction. What up had addiction is you might be thinking. I don't know if I have the power the bility to do that. You could be think I don't even know if I can truly forgive somebody who hurt me so bad and I can't let it go. You might be saying I don't have the power preacher to love my enemies like the Bible is telling me to do I don't have that power. You might even say I don't have the power to live that like Jesus is calling me to live. I don't know. I am too caught up in this world. I don't know what it's like to live for Jesus.

Might even be saying I don't even have the power to change my life. I got some good news for you. You don't have to have the power.

You don't have the power because if you had the power you wouldn't in Jesus. But there is some good tips. We have a savior.

And that's really the good news of Easter. We got somebody who loves us so much that they will take on everything that we need to do to get the job done. I don't know if I got any Witnesses here for to been through some stuff in and went through some things and had some problems. And what are you realize? There's somehow someway God worked it out. Show me how to make myself I didn't have the power to do but God worked it out. That's the good news. Thief That's why we need to send you man. I'm going to be honest. I'm a big dude, but I don't have the power to do much of anything. Come on, y'all. Let's get this thing real. Mini you make promises at the promises of God. If you get me out of this, I'll do this. If you change this, I'll do this and yet we find ourselves right back where we started from. Do I have any Witnesses here? I hope I ain't got a church. That's so cute. They can't say Amen. Come on y'all. So I come to find out that's what this day is all about. That's what Easter's out. I know I'm not coming to realize that God loves me.

It's real simple. Let me tell you. He died for me. He died for you. Because he loves each and every one of us. And that's the good news right there. Amen.

in the New Testament Paul He was one of the I was calling Church Folks. Who was persecuting Christians because all he knew is what he knew. Hey Juanita hair. It's this amazing Encounter With Jesus. It changed his life. Philippians chapter 3 verse 10 I want to know price. Yes to know the power hear me out y'all he wanted to know the power of his resurrection and the participating in his suffering because like him becoming like him and that's when Paul hats at Encounter With Jesus. He knew there was some power in the resurrection. Today there's some power in the resurrection. There is no power in the fact that Jesus is still alive. The song we can do because our savior Lord is still alive and he's working on our behalf. That's power right there.

God the praise. Amen. I'm going to just do what the Lord leads me to do a man see the Golden Paws. Like what's the no, Jesus Jesus. We are spin. Can I keep this thing real we spend so much time in the world. We know all about the world, but a lot of us don't know about Jesus. And we chat with challenging was suffering because the power is in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The power is not in the latest social issue of the social media changes that have happened in the world. The fireworks is always and will always be in the resurrection of Jesus Christ is real power the power.

Paul was he was something happened to him. You know, I remember when I got save y'all. I remember. Got to say I can't get enough of Christ. I couldn't get enough of this word. There was something that happened. On the inside of me that has changed me for the rest of my life and you know when you know that you know that you've experienced the same are you know, when you've experienced it something that happens on the inside?

And let me tell you sometimes it takes a little time for the folks on the outside to see the change but don't give up cuz God still loves you. Why you still trying to work it out stuff is happening on the inside and people like real you still look the same. Don't worry about it. Cuz your spirit is changing on the inside. Tell your neighbor. I'm changing. No, seriously, tell him I'm changing. In Ephesians chapter 1 verses 19 and 20 is what the Bible says. I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God's power for us to believe him. This is the same Mighty power that raised Christ from the dead and seated him in the place of honor at God's right hand in the Heavenly realm that's power. Call Yaya. You got to get this we talkin about a power that surpasses the world. We talked about what he did on the cross of Calvary what he did in the grave for those 3 days and when he arrived surpasses anything that you can see in this earth round that's real power a man. Think about the same power that raised Jesus from the dead and now gives him the ability and thority the rule over the universe is available.

Come on, y'all. Yeah, we missing this. Come on. Y'all don't it ain't time to be cute at Easter. It's time to get the power so you can live the rest of your life. Amen. The Greek word for power is the word dunamis which means Dynamite to have the power of the resurrection of your life is to have Dynamite power Sam come you can blow problems come you can blow that thing up because you got the power of the Resurrection working on the inside of you that's power. Somebody comes to you with some drama you blow that thing up in the spirit you tell that devil devil I bind you in the name of Jesus that's power. Sickness trying to come on you you say in the name of Jesus. I'm healed and made hope that's power in the name of Jesus the Same power that raised Jesus from the dead few and I have inside of us that's power.

The Apostle Paul said I want to know it. Give me some of that. Is my goal in life to know Christ and to know the power? 1 You can use this this I love that Kirk Franklin song Silver and Gold Silver and Gold Silver and go.

You always say what I'm talking about. It's the power. Tell your neighbors the power. CCI Church all the time. Yeah, we struggle we struggle to her when we got this power operates in the power and do what God is called.

Getting to see we got that kind of power. That's what Easter is all about. It's about reminding us of the power we have in the Holy Ghost.

You got the power.

See the good news of Easter is that Jesus Christ not only died for your sins and my problems. But he offers us forgiveness today.

Here's what I realized.

Many of us get caught up in our past.

meaning of us can't move forward cuz we caught up in what we did in the past. I think many of us stuck. In our minds and I Spears we try to take one step forward and it keeps reminding us of what we did in the past. But this is what God reminds me that he has forgiven each and every one of us of our sins. He don't remember them. He don't even know about that. What we have to use is the power of the Holy Spirit to crush them. Does that make sense? Please see some of us are trying to get this thing. Right? And we like I want to serve you. But I want to serve you guy but I want a surgery guy but I still got all these busted pulling me back and I can't serve you like I want to serve you things are calling me and my past let me tell you what the power of the Resurrection has done for each and everyone of us. Let me talk to you for a minute. Can I talk to you for a minute? Let me tell you. The resurrection power cancelled out your past your present and your future sins.

Now that's what I'm talking about right now. When they come at me again with what I used to do. Just tell him it's been cancelled. Come on, y'all talk to your neighbor said whatever it is. It's been cancelled. Just trying to bring up some stuff in the past and it's been canceled. He cancelled it when he nailed it to the Cross. He can't believe he nailed to the cross. It's been cancelled. And when the devil tries to remind you of something you used to do or how you used to be tell him that's gone. It's been cancelled.

See when I say cancel. It's been canceled out of your pass. You can't find it when it comes to God. What do you be like, what you talking about? It's been canceled out of the present. And it will be cancelled out of your future. That's the power of the Resurrection. That he completely annihilated everything that you thought was going to keep you from serving him. It's been cancelled. Tell your neighbors been cancelled. I mean, I got to tell you the word canceled means to eliminate to remove or to delete. How can you remember something that's been deleted?

It's been cancelled. Check this out. Have you gotten halfway through a project and thought man, I wish I could start over.

You know a lot of people feel that way. I just wish that I could start over. I made so many mistakes. I made it there so many failures and problems and bad decisions. I wish I could hit the delete button and start over. I know some of us as best as we try week, which we can't let go of the past. It supposed to hurt from something that happened 20-30 years ago and they can't let it go. Yeah, that has to be cancelled. It's stopping you from moving into your future. Are you with me? Everybody who this is the challenge with us as Believers. We we were struggling when we don't have to and when the world looks looks at us. They said why would I want to serve you? Oh God.

Come on, y'all. Let's keep this thing real. Why would I want to serve your guy when you struggling is because we don't know why we're struggling. There was a power of the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ has canceled all of that y'all you just gotta let it go. No, come on y'all. We holding on something and some people holding on to it. Like it's a prize. Hold on to pass gift pass and past 7th Street. To set you free.

We worried about folks and what they think of us when God is already paid the price for every one of our sin. So all you got to do is say it's cancel.

Do I have any Witnesses?

Everywhere, you know the Bible reminds me what you holding on to his unnecessary. In the world would want to make us feel guilty about stuff. But that's not watching Jesus. He died for us to feel guilty about stuff. He died so that we can live have life and have it more abundantly. That's why he went to the cross. And we forgot that because we too busy and get myself caught up in the world and not caught up in the world.

Listen for a moment to what has happened as a result of the death of resurrection of Jesus. He was with Paul said in Colossians chapter 2 verse 13 and 14. Here it is. You were dead hear me now. You were dead because of your sins and because your sinful nature was not yet cut away then God Made You Alive with Christ for he forgave some of your sins. Who gave them all y'all people gave them all tell your neighbor. He forgave them all. You know, when your best friend trying to bring up your old stuff saying I forgave me of that when your wife for your significant others. You got to remind yourself and the people around you that he died for all of our city.

Bridgeport teams has he cancel. That's that's powerful. He can't for the record of the charges against us and took it away by melting it to the cross. That's pretty damn right there. Yo, that's freedom to worship. That's Freedom the praise that's freedom to pray. That's freedom to be who God called you to be in Christ Jesus. That's Freedom. Everything else becomes bondage a man. Let me say this again Christ has done away with the record of charges against you by nailing it to the cross. The verse says he gave all our

if it deals with bows and arrows it seem just as it means you shot and missed the target. Is what's in me you shut and mr. Here's what we do we're shooting at the wrong things. We can shoot the trying to impress the world and be in the world when goddess and you keep it.

That's why we struggle so much because we keep going after the wrong thing, which is shooting arrows. You know, what I'm going to be big. I'm going to get a lot of money. I'm going to do just that charger. I mean Jesus from the Bible says seek first and Hitler had everything else that you need. That's why we struggle We shooting at the wrong things. We shooting at the world when God is like I'm over here.

and then we wonder we keep shooting we keep I heart and all my mind.

Shooting at the wrong thing a man. Tell your neighbor change the target.

In John chapter 3 verse 17. The Bible says for God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world. But in order that the world might be saved through him. Let me remind you got Jesus didn't come to judge you. I don't know what religion is telling you but Jesus did not come to this earth to judge you to save us. from shooting at the wrong target That's why he came all of them is all all that we were doing is just seeing we missing the mark shooting at the wrong target. He came to turn us from that and turn us to the right target. Does that make sense? Let's keep this thing simple y'all it ain't that difficult if we just submit to it. All he wants us to do is to go after God and quit going after the world. But what the world will tell us it'll make yourself pretty it'll look at so it'll say you can have all this Fame Fortune. You can have all of this and then when you go after its it keeps pulling the rug and it keeps pulling the rug and it keeps pulling the rug and it keeps pulling the rug and then you look up and 10 years have passed in your life 20 years have passed in your life 30 years have passed in your life. And then you wonder why can I have what they have? You don't know what they going through to deal with the world when the word crip clearly says turn to Jesus and he'll give you everything that you need a man. One of my favorite toys was this toy collections gets how many you remember at your sketch. All right for anybody who's younger? They don't know what the numbers on it and you withdraw this thing, you know, you can draw house with these not start over.

Yeah, I remember that, huh?

See, that's what Jesus has done for us. We create this mess of the world. And he says when you come to me. start over Does that make sense but it gets even better than that. Look at what it says in Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 34 and no longer shall Each one teach his neighbor and each his brother saying know the Lord hear me. For they shall all know me from the least of them to the greatest declares the Lord for I will hear me out. I will forgive their iniquity and I will remember their sins no more. The thing that's stopping us from knowing the Lord as we caught up in our sin.

if you just has been blocked out and cancel. Why do you keep going trying to bring up stuff? That's already been taken care of. Tell your neighbor quick. Since it's been canceled. Jesus I want a relationship with you and I've done all that to show you how much I love you. So today we remind ourselves. What happened on the cross of calvary? That was out of love. Does that make sense? You know to me that has to be one of the most amazing verses in the whole Bible God who made the whole world and everything in it chooses to forget your wrongs your mistakes your past failures and your sin and when you come to him confess your sins and ask him to forgive you he cancels your past.

For those of you who are here today and have received Christ at some point in your past but are limping through life and send this same thing applies. He's canceled that

when you come back to him and confess your sins and ask him to forgive you. He receives you forgives. You wipe the Slate clean at your sketches that thing he puts the answer sketch on that thing is I don't know what you talking about. We starting over when you come and say God I did this. I was a liar. I was a cheater I was of whatever your thing is. And you say God forgive me the extra sketches that whole thing. And then he like you try to bring it up and I don't know what you talking about. The only people who keep bringing that stuff up his religious people and worldly people because if you were saved you would want the best for your brother and sister. You wouldn't even be trying to bring up old man. Stop a deeper walk in relationship with Christ. So you got to watch religious people and worldly people. They always trying to tell you who you are. What you used to do when God is trying to find you with a new identity. Are you with me?

In Romans chapter 8 verse 1 the Bible says there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Jesus can't nobody condemn. You can't nobody judge you when you give your all to Jesus. Amen. See when Christ died on the cross. One of the last thing he said was from the cross was it is finished in the Greek. Those three words are actually one worth. It literally means paid in full cancel. God sent that with Jesus did on the cross he paid for everything you've ever committed. He stamps paid in full across each one. That's why there's no condemnation for you or for me. He cancelled our past sins and failures and mistakes. See that's why I like this power of the Resurrection because it gave me a new identity say new identity. See what's told you got to figure out what's an identity and identity is something that defines who you are and our culture we Define ourselves by a race or religion or political party affiliation or sexual orientation or gender. We find our identity in our occupations are Hobbies or maybe where we went to school or even in our looks our clothes are home. We are dating or married to that's how we identify Who We Are cuz that's what the world is taught us. a man and then sometimes people have what I call a hidden identity. In that hidden identity shakes their lives and their addiction and that hidden identity could be an addiction a weight issue health issue living with the label adopted divorced or poor, or maybe they just don't feel smart.

And then the worst is they don't feel loved. And I called those hidden identities. Cuz when someone is not love they do stuff. To really bring issues and problems in their life.

You don't see it on the surface. But it's beneath. Tell your neighbor watch them hidden identities.

Here's the here's the church. Here's the challenge not to challenge. There's the gift the resurrection brought with it the power to change all of that because Jesus conquered sin and death. We don't have to be Define any longer but our sinful failures our past mistakes or even what somebody else thinks about you. Nobody Define Who You Are The only one who can Define who you are as God through Christ Jesus, so when they try to tell you something you tell him that ain't what God says about me.

I keep going back to why we struggling so much cuz we don't understand the power of the resurrection and we're letting people Define who we are and when they Define who we are we start acting like What God called us to do?

His web Jesus defines us how God defines us. He says we're a friend of his. We're blessed. We're love where New Creation disciple where Saint those are just some of the terms who uses the Define who you and I are in his eyes. So when people try to say you were nope, the kids are here, okay.

Thank you, Holy Spirit.

In John chapter 1 verse 12. Oz bottle Let It Go. Yeah. I'm telling you. I was about to just and yes for Sunday. Yeah, listen to this and John chapter 1 verse 12, but to all who did receive him who believed in his name he gave the right to become children of God. I remember when I told you I'll stuff is happening on the inside and people may not see it on the outside. It still doesn't change how God looks at. You. You still his child when you when you take one step forward lifeples you two steps back what you steal his child. You still belong to him and you got to remember that. Amen. Tell your neighbor I am a child of God. He adopted me into his family. So I can call him father. See, that's your new identity. You are a child. And God says I'm your daddy. He says I am his and he is mine. So you might be thinking. How do I know all this is true? Here's what it says in the word of God in 2nd Corinthians chapter 1 verse 22 the Bible says and he has identified Us by his own by placing the holy spirit in our hearts as the first installment that guarantees everything he has promises.

Y'all missed that you have the first installment of all the blessings that God will ever give to each and everyone of us and that's the Holy Spirit. That's how you know, you belong to God Amen. So what this means is that you can let go of any images of yourself. That's not of God. You can stop accepting what others have said about you how others have labeled you have you of labeled yourself and how others have to find you and you start believing what God says about you. You are his child and he is your father. That's how he defines you when you're a child of God. You're not defined by your feelings. Let me tell you something about feelings. Can I tell you something they do this? 1 minutes you want one minute you down women don't ever get in a relationship with somebody based on feelings.

That's a freebie for somebody you wondering why things changed cuz it was all about filling one day. They up the next day. They down one day. They love you the next next day that we can go like you. That's a freebie for people trying to get in a relationship feelings. Nothing more than okay. If you're not a child of the seventies in a musical note that that song Amen. Let me let me tell you something. This is real. You're not defined by your successes or your failures. You're not defined by you the car to drive the money you make or the house you own your defined by God and God alone, and he identified as you as his own. So quit playing a comparison game a man. Come on y'all. This is why we we are reminded every I ain't got to play the comparison game with you. I ain't got to be somebody I'm not I know who I am in Christ Jesus. Amen. And when you know who you are in Christ Jesus can't nobody else Define who you are and I come to realize that God loves me so much. He sent his only son to die for me. That's what I'm talking about. I love this quote from this author Tim Keller. He said The only person in the universe whose opinion counts looked at me and finds me more valuable than all the jewels and creation.

Both talking about I got low self-esteem. That's a lie from the pit of Hell quit listening to what folks say and listen to What God Says a man cuz God would never tell you you're less than but the world religious people worldly people that try to make you feel like you Lord in law. Serious, y'all got to watch who you around. Tell your neighbor watch you you around.

I'm almost done. Say power. Is the power to fill you with strength to face the challenges of each and every day? That's what happens when you have a new identity. So here's one of the most powerful groups. You'll ever hear about Jesus. We are not only saved by his death, but we're also saved by his life. That means that Our Risen Jesus lives inside of us by virtue of the Holy Spirit his definity. His divinity inhabits your Humanity. That means you can face each day in the strength of a risen savior. When it comes that you can say I I know who got my back. Things may be falling crumbling all around you. You still a child of God, you can stand up with your head held high and say God. I know you going to work this out God. I I I depend on you. I rely on you follow what you say no matter what's happening around me. Come on y'all we too busy to worry about the latest Soca how many you know,

Change it. Are you going to get caught up with that mess? Ninja Turtles and what they're saying not five years from now to be something different. That's why you got to stay focused on the word of God.

My wife says don't be yelling cuz you scared of children.

So kids. I apologize. I am just very passionate about this. So, you know a man look at Galatians chapter 2 verse 20 The Bible says I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer. I who live but Christ who lives in me and the life, I now live in the flesh. I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. So you got to think of the prospects of having the Risen Jesus living his life out through your life. The possibilities are endless. Let me tell you here's something I learned about life. How many you will agree went with me life is so unpredictable. Hey, man, amen. And so if you don't have something solid and stable in your life. It'll have you going everywhere. Amen. One minute. Is this in the next minute is that when you got Jesus in your life, you always want a solid foundation. Amen. And so no matter what's going on around you you can stand sure that Jesus is going to get you out of it. Amen. There's times. You know you wake up you have any wake up? Sometimes you just got the joy of the Lord, you know, you just feeling it. I'm feeling got your praise music on it. Everything is good and then some days you like. I'm not feeling it. Do I have any Witnesses here and I ain't talking to you all super save photos cuz y'all super save photos always got Jesus. You know what I got? I got Jesus on the radio. I got Jesus said I got you. I'm talking about all of us who struggling all day today and the day-to-day basis. Amen. Amen. Let's keep this thing real, you know, cuz let me tell you about the Super Save folks. Amen when you catch the super safe. They all jacked up.

Just get real with the thing. You not feeling it right now. I don't want to say that I want to say but that's what your actions are Hitman so far all the super saiyan folks here. It's okay to live life in the real world.

You ain't going to always be on top when all these twists and turns that are happening this world. But it's the power of a risen Christ in our life sustaining us through the Holy Spirit and carrying us with his grace and his power. Paul says in Romans chapter 8 verse 11 if the spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you this thing ain't over you no matter what you going through. It's not over till your neighbor It's Not Over. No, tell him like you mean it it's not over.

I'm a hurry up. I got a couple more I want to share with you and then we going to close out is this making sense? Are you getting anything out of this is making sense. Alright, you know sometimes let me give us I know the number for the brothers in the house. You know we 10 this thing up. Pastor don't be telling me about all this emotional stuff. Give it to me like a real man.

Give it to you like a real man right now.

Jesus loves you. That's about as manly as I can get with it. God loves you. And he loves you right now. He loves you, right. Where you at? Matter fact, he ain't asking you to change anything right now. He loves you right where you're at. And that's big for some of us because we never really felt what love is about. It's always been.

The kids are here.

we use the last

in place of love some of us lost each other. You don't love each other. But God loves you. And don't let anybody ever tell you anything else cuz God loves you. Tell your neighbor. God loves you.

Some Romans chapter 8 verse 38 and 39 for I am sure that neither death hear me out death nor life nor angels nor rulers their things present nor things to come nor powers nor height nor depth nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ, Jesus. Let me tell you when I tell you God loves you he loves you.

So that to me is empty. He's risen. And he's alive. And he's working on each and every one of our behalf. Because he loves us. When I tell you he's not through with you, he is not through with you. If you will allow him to lead you and guide you he will do some amazing things with your life. If you will turn from shooting arrows at the world and shoot them in Christ. He will take everything that you have that you lost that you spend time trying to go after and restorative. That's how much he loves each and every one of us a man. Tell your neighbor tell folks tell family member y'all this is what I'm asking you to do. Tell everybody that you come in contact. God loves you. I don't care how bad they think they're sending is or how bad they're living or how's that whatever it is? Just let him know that God loves them that I'm at the cross at Calvary. He died to show how much we love each and everyone of us. He gave his life to pay the price for all of our mess up because he loves us tell everybody that God loves them. That's our job. We just got to remind them that God loves them.

how to get excited if I forgot where I was

y'all know y'all y'all attend UCF. I keep it real Amen Let me let me just say this. So what is this resurrection mean to do today? See for some people. It's just an ancient event. Y'all heard in the play with some of the young people is like we we do this all the time we do we do this this is same old thing, but it's more than that. Y'all it's more than that. The tomb is empty. He's not there crisis alive many of you are desperate today to make a change in your life because he's alive he gives you the power to change you'll give you the power to get started and he'll give you the power to keep going. That's the power of the Resurrection.

But you can't do you boo. That's the problem. You've been doing you for so long and look at where it's got you. You need Jesus. Some of you can't let go of your past failures and mistakes man. Let me tell you Christ offers forgiveness. He promised to cancel your sins and wipe them off your record. He offering he's offering each and every one of a new star.

Have you ever been like you wake up and you feel like a failure? You feel like man. I just don't mess this thing up. Let me tell you God. Will you just go to God he going to erase that? He's not a new start new star you got to understand whose report you going to believe you got to believe God's reported. Not Two Worlds.

Some of us got some challenges Financial Health relationship challenges. Let me just remind you turn it over to God. And you partner with God and whatever situation you're going through and watch what he'll do for you. Amen. So the resurrection means that no situation is to hopeless. No problem is too big for Jesus. He still in the resurrection business and he has the power to change your life. So it's time for us to come alive and I give God a big hand of praise.

So I got some next steps. Everybody know who tends UCF know that I don't believe you come to worship service get the message hear the praise and worship and leave the same way. So I got some work for y'all to do I need for reading the Bible. That's a shame that we have to say that the Christians but that's all reality folks were saved. Don't read the Bible a man pick up the Bible read read it. We're reading the Bible through the year a man and I don't need you guys to partner with me for in a prayer. We are praying that there's 500 people will that will attend this ministry on the weekly basis and it starts with you just to let somebody know just remind there's a church down in Morgan Hill just go just check them out of your little it before you make a decision. Go check it out a man just do that and then encourage someone to come to church every Sunday. We forgot to do that. I'm not saying you got to be out there like the the Mormons order the Jehovah Witnesses, but you got enough people that you know that you can remind them. Hey, man. Hey, hey, bro. Hey, sis. I need you to come to church with me. I'm inviting you to church. They do studies. They say most people don't come to church because no one is invited them. So don't forget to invite the people that you say you care about the people that you love just invite him to church and I tell you what as God gives me the anointing. I will teach the word. If you go out and bring them in I'll teach him a man so I can partner with you on that a man. And so I'm asking everybody to pray with us so that we can make sure that folks aren't struggling the way they used to amen and I give God a big hand of praise.

It's what I want everybody to do. We talked about the power of the Resurrection. Amen. We talked about what Jesus is is doing for each and everyone of us how he's cancelled the sin. He's cancelled all of that child. You just got to get that in your mind. It's done. It's cancelled.

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