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The Kingdom Of God

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Is it on a man? Alright, let's dance praise and worship.

There is power Wonder working Power in the Blood.

Wonder working Power in the Blood

if you need to be free from the burden nothing.

pungent working


If you do why that's why I don't.

Staying the lost in his nice kitty.


Carrie Underwood

Power Ranger toys

No greater name than his. Bless That Wonderful Name of Jesus Amen

Hey, man, he is amazing. So we agree that he is amazing in math.


amazing amazing

Hey, man. Yes, he is. No other name above head. There's something about that name Jesus. Amen.



Hey, man, something about that name Jesus.

Okay one kind of save the date. Next month is Black History Month February black history month. So each week we will have as I think you are a student to come up and read or give information on prominent African-Americans. And also at the end of the month. We are going to be having a family potluck. You know, we like to eat we like the potluck. We will be having a family soul food for black history month. So we getting ready for the banana pudding. I don't even see her in here right now, but y'all know who's talking about and we were getting ready for all the soul food macaroni and cheese and So get ready for Black History Month, let's bring the phrase thing back.

praise God

a mammoth stand up time to praise His name. Amen.

Can you just play the track without the lyrics?

Nevermind. Let's

Chasing After You

Did you get all you can do it acapella?


What up?

Five Nights at Freddy's

what does


Can you wash Daddy?


Why does it snow?

Why did it snow?

what is

what is


that we go. All right. Thank you, praise team. Y'all bless me passed on your apology. I forgot to add the track to the lyrics. That's what happens when you start messing with stuff at 4 in the morning a man. She just leave things alone, you know had it all set up and I had to go to mess with stuff, you know, good morning UCF. How's everyone doing? It's good to be in the house of the Lord a man. I am so grateful that we got some young people who know how to recover a men. And just let the Lord use the main man, then y'all enjoyed with the praise team did amen.

Excited. I want to be like

Imma be practicing all week long y'all let me know when y'all sing that song again.

So today we're going to talk about the kingdom of God No, interesting thing about the kingdom of God will see the Jesus preached. Gospels one was the Gospel salvation. And when was the Gospel of the kingdom of God? An interesting thing is we got the gospel of Salvation down. Will put the time into the gospel of the good news of the kingdom of God. someone I want to establish something today that will continue over the next few weeks as we dig into how we can operate function what our purpose and plan is in the kingdom of God because you'll find that some of us been struggling because we've been trying to operate this world have one foot in this world and then have one foot in the Kingdom. And that's been causing a lot of confusion in our lives and so once we look at the text, we'll see why it's important for us to have one eye. And have light in our eyes about the kingdom of God, Amen. Alright, so here's what I need you to do stand-up foundational scripture for this message. Today is going to come from our chapter 1 verses 14 and 15. Let's stay in and read that together.

Mark chapter 1 verses 14 and 15 and heavy should be on the screen. Then we go. When everybody there is a man. Alright, let's meet this together verse 14. Now after John was put in prison. Jesus came to Galilee preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God verse 15 and saying the time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe in the gospel. Now we are here in our confession of faith. If you would repeat this after me, I am not move. By what I see. about what I feel I am moved by what I believe. I believe the word of God the victory is mine. I have it now. I can see it through the eyes of my face. In Jesus name. Let's give God a big hand of praise. amen All right, turn to your neighbor and say lived in the kingdom of God. All right, you may be seated in the presence of the Lord. All right last week we talked about believe right? Yeah. I remember those who were here. We talked about believe was young people. See y'all got to pray for the past. Alright. Wait, I need all our young people stand up. We going to bring them before they leave. Amen. Thank you for reminding me. Everybody was playing on my phone. We we we pray over our young people in their instructors. We pray God as they are dismissed to Kid's World that they will be taught in a manner that they can take the word and hide it in their heart alarm when they come back into the sanctuary. They are have been moved by you moved by Your Word Lord in their new people in Jesus name and so we pray as their dismissed for their instructors and we pray for them to learn like never before amen. Alright, y'all y'all just missed two kids. That's why I forgot. I'm glad to see our young people back. Amen. All right, y'all ready? Okay. Anything else? I miss? Alright. Thanks last week we talked about. What we believe right? So the interesting thing is it's important a couple weeks ago. We talked about what we listen to and how we here then we talk about what we speak out of our mouth. Amen. And then last week we talked about what we believe. Now we've got to get that whole police thing in because that's the foundation of who we are as followers of Christ. If you don't believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, and why would you follow up right? If you know, why would you follow it? So you got to get the whole believe thing in the word of God down because if you don't it's going to create confusion in your life and another person that you got to get it for yourself. Does that make sense? So when we look at our foundation of scripture from last week, the Bible said in Mark chapter 11 in the New Living Translation versus says I tell you you can pray for anything and if you believe that you received it it will be do you are so you got to believe till your day. We got to believe Alright, can you cut the heat down a man when the setup team comes to be freezing in here now is like a man. So you got you got to get that whole belief down and told today. I want to talk about the kingdom of God in the reason. I believe in the kingdom of God a man as real as this Earth realm is a man to Jesus teaches about the kingdom of God in the Bible record in the book of Acts go to Acts chapter 1 and beginning with verse 1 listen to this listen to this. Record says he says in my first book. I told you Theophilus about everything Jesus began to do and teach do and teach the Lucas telling one of the prominent leaders that I'm going to tell you what Jesus did what he talked about and what he what he did and what he talked about a man we're still says until the day he was taken up to heaven after given his chosen Apostles further instructions to the holy spirit in verse 3 says during the 40 days after he suffered and died. Now, here's a picture. I want you to get after Jesus rose from the dead he came back and he talked to them about the kingdom of God.

It was before he died. He told them about the kingdom of God and after he died and came back for those 40 days. He taught his disciples about the kingdom of God must be something to this kingdom of God if he spend time before he died preaching the Good News and then after he resurrected and came back told his disciples about the kingdom of God something about that.

Theophilus during the first week during the 40 days after he suffered and died he appear to the apostles from time to time and he proved them in many ways that what in many ways that he was actually live and he talked to them about the what kingdom of God. Tell your neighbor there's something about the kingdom of God.

Y'all said they like I asked you to say that. There's something about the kingdom of God.

20 days after his resurrection Resurrection. Jesus was still teaching about the kingdom of God.

And then after you came back that must be important. Let me ask you something about the church. We got one of his teachers down and that's the teaching the good news of salvation.

Struggling with the kingdom of God. I don't know how to operate. It really know what it's all about. It's this kind of Esther Rolle funeral. Whatever the word I'm looking for you. I know what I'm talking about a man that we can't just brass. But it's real is Justice real is salvation. Does that make sense?

I come to the realization that the Bible talks about two kingdoms. Say two kingdoms.

Look at Colossians chapter 1 verse 13. Cuz he some of us are calling this one Kingdom and we can get out of it. The Bible says the verse 13 in the New Living Translation for he has rescued us from the kingdom of what? Darkness real Kingdom kingdom of darkness Rescue Bots from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of his dear son. PC to Kingdom some of us playing in one Kingdom and thinking we're operating in the other Kingdom. Playing in the kingdom of darkness. What do we call the world and trying to play in the church? This world confusion comes that's why you wondering why you know, this ain't working and you know, you are upset with God and you mad with this and all of this other stuff because you don't realize or not y'all don't get me wrong cuz some of your friends, you know, you ain't here today. Operating in the kingdom of darkness. Are you with me? Is this making sense? Are y'all so hot? Chili cool. Just somebody open the door here. Okay, open the door.

Colossians chapter 1 verse 13 says for he has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of his dear son. Universe 36 answer my kingdom is not an Earthly Kingdom.

Show me looking for the kingdom of God like we looking for something in the Earth. And he tells us that his kingdom is not an Earthly King. Look what it says. If it were my followers would fight to keep me from being handed over to the Jewish leaders, but my kingdom is not of this world to tell you never got two kingdoms. kingdom of darkness the king of the son of God and what he told us that his kingdom is not on this Earth. Are you with me we going to be going to this is meet y'all at this. This is me, you know, if you want some milk, this ain't that tonight I mean today. Hey, man, we going to dig a Little Deeper. This is me a man. Simon Jesus is the kingdom is the king of the kingdom of God. Who's the king in the Kingdom? Somebody's got to be the king. So we find out that Jesus is the king in the kingdom of God. Think about all that we know from an Earthly perspective, but what a king does a king takes care of his kingdom, right? If you go back and look up Game of Thrones or whatever they watch it. Now, you know this the one in power takes care of everything, right?

I find that the only way that we can get into the kingdom of God is to be born into it. You can buy your way into the kingdom of God and enough money for you to do that. You can wash away or look good enough to be in the kingdom of God. That's not how you get into. You have to be born into the kingdom of God. It's always trying to get something from God and we're not a part of it cuz we don't know how to get there. Does that make sense? No, I'm going to be honest with you. It wasn't until the Holy Spirit. Because I was one of those individuals thinking if I did all this in the earth realm then God will take care of me in the Heavenly Realm. But I didn't realize that there was a kingdom of God that I needed to be operating it. So I got myself confused and angry and frustrated and didn't want to go to church and church people are hypocritical and all of the stuff that folks thing a man that nobody wants to talk about unless they get on Facebook or social media. Then they want to blast Christians. They man they want to get in their little clicks and talk about because they don't understand there are two kingdoms.

And Jesus tells us the only way we can really get into the kingdom. The only way we can get into the kingdom of God is to be born into the kingdom.

in our new birth several things happen We're safe. And we become members of the kingdom of God. Are you with me? We receive salvation. When we accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior and we become members of the kingdom of God now here is what God does he takes us trains us and sends us out into the world is ambassadors. You don't get to just stay in the kingdom of God. You don't just get to stay in the four walls of the church and not go out and represent Christ. The whole purpose of this is so that we can do my house represent Christ and bring people who are in the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God. That's what I want to hear about enough knowledge and responsibility to go out and bring someone who's in darkness into the light. Are you with me some of y'all looking at me? Like I'm crazy. That's what I heard this before. This is why we operating income Fusion cuz we don't know who we are. We think it's a title at a title. It's service. Job is to go out and be ambassadors for Jesus Christ. And I bring those who are lost back into the king of reconciling them with God. Does that make sense? It ain't about you putting somebody down because you got it and they don't is about you loving somebody to bring them into the light so they can be reconciled with.

Is this making sense? So you got to be born into this thing. You can't buy your way into it. You can't have enough power to get into and guess what is freak A man?

Jesus is the king.

Where the ambassadors and what does an ambassador do he represents the king or she represents the king? So whatever you do whenever you do it and they believe Jesus Christ your operating as his ambassador. She can watch what you say. Yeah, watch what you do. You can't do everything as an ambassador for someone who's in the kingdom of darkness can do let me help someone some of us being frustrated because we trying to like the kingdom of darkness when we been born into the kingdom of God. Is that make sense?

Say this is meat.

What are the songs that the praise team didn't get a chance to singing? It was a it was called say say his name Praise His Name Destiny's Child.

They lying, you know, you let me feed you your lies, you know so you can get it, right so so and we'll get it next time, you know, but I want you guys to know that in order for you to to really have the power you got to say his name.

Right, you got to say the name of Jesus Something About the Name of Jesus got to say his name. Amen. You can't hold it in you got to open up your mouth and say the name of Jesus when the situation comes you have to say the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus. You have to speak it out. You have to say his name because if you don't say anything nothing can happen.

See some of us think we can just be quiet and cute. But unless you open up your mouth and say his name he won't have affect in the situation and Circumstance. You said say his name? You don't say his name. You got relationship probably say his name family problems. Say his problems in the neighborhood.

Then when I got killed what I thought things now we think we can just you know, I don't really have to say anything. I don't know why she all she said is that

are you with me you sick because you weren't saying that you broke cuz you won't say his name. You got to learn to say his name because that is both power and authority as an ambassador of Jesus Christ.

Y'all making me work up here. Colossians chapter 3 verse 17 says you already it says and whatever you do in word or deed.

Whatever you do in word or deed. the Bible tells us

do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.

The interesting thing is if you're invested or Christ, you can't do you boo.

Everybody want to do I'm just doing me you can't do me you do you as an ambassador for Jesus Christ in the kingdom of God, whatever you do in word or deed represent him. You won't know why the world is so confused now. We need to look in the mirror. We confusing people.

That makes sense. Tell your neighbor this is meat.

The Bible says whatever you do in class is chapter 3 verse 17, whatever you do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to God the Father through him. So now if I'm an ambassador for Jesus Christ everything I do matters to the kingdom of God. Everything I say matters to the kingdom of God. Where I go, and how I act matters to the kingdom of God. Because I am an ambassador for Jesus Christ. Amen. I have been brought into the kingdom of God as a result of the new birth. Are you with me? Does that make sense?

An amazing, we all know the story when he died. He said what the comforter. He sent the comforter from Heaven and the comforter lives in each and everyone of us and guess what the comforter brought with him. the kingdom of God So guess what's inside of you? the kingdom of God That's why you can't find it in the earthworm cuz it's inside of you. That's why I do look and try to buy somebody to do something. You can't cuz it's inside of you. Does that make sense? See if you understand that then you understand why Jesus said in John 14 and 12. I tell you the truth. Anyone who believes in me will do the same works. I've done and even greater works because I'm going to the father Because you know what the power that you had to do everything that Jesus did is inside of you?

John 14 and 16 says and I will pray the father he will give you another helper that he may abide with you forever. So when the Holy Spirit comes into you, you have the kingdom of God forever.

Does that make sense?

Interesting that Jesus says we can do everything he did and more. I don't know how.

Things based on what I know in the earth round and Jesus said all know the king will take care of everything you need.

Does that make sense?

I got to stablish this Foundation because if you don't get this Foundation, I can't tell you how to operate in the Kingdom. how to get the principles how to utilize the principles in the kingdom of God Amen safe inside of you

In the kingdom of God has provided everything we need here on Earth. He's giving us understanding he's giving us wisdom. He's giving us he's giving us joy Health Prosperity provision and protection those all, a member of the kingdom of God. You don't worry about that. That's what comes with the package, you know, like you get a Happy Meal and you get a toy with it. Is a lot bigger than a toy a man. But it comes with the package. Are you with me? See some of us struggling cuz we don't know. We already have it and it lives inside of us. Amen. Here's the deal. Let me tell you this I got to do I got to tell you this because we have been so training Church to feel something from outside the we don't even know what's on the inside of us. It's something Can I try to make me jump? How much what I have on the inside just telling you you already have it on the inside. You don't need somebody to motivate you from the outside.

At the end of this if you walk out leaving thinking I am part of the Kingdom then I've done what God has called me to do.

Does that make sense?

The Earth realm is natural.

The kingdom of God is Supernatural. Okay, y'all ready? Are y'all ready? Cuz we we bout to put some super on a bunch of natural stuff. Amen. Are you ready? Because some of us have been trying to figure out why naturally I can't get some stuff because you don't understand the super part of it. Are you with me?

I got to get you sick. Matthew chapter 6 verse 25 the Bible says that is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life. Where do you have enough full Eng drink or no clothes to wear isn't life more than food in your body more than clothing. Why would God say that? Don't you worry because you already have it. You worrying about stuff that I'm Believers worry about and if you knew how to operate in the kingdom of God, you know, the king is always going to give you everything that you need.

Y'all ready? Matthew chapter 6 verses 30 to begin with verse 32 the Bible says these things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers.

You know what this word about stuff because they don't believe. Facebook Don't believe.

Because they don't believe the Bible. Stop the time Believers worry about.

Picture of an inverse number 32 these things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly father already knows all your needs.

Wait y'all some of us struggling when we have everything. We need wear operating like unbelievers trying to get something that you already have. That's the crazy thing about it. I'm running around trying to get something for the Bible tells me already have. I'm trying to find somebody to love me when God is already. Give me all the love I need.

Y'all running around me included amen cuz it was until I got this Revelation. I was running around too and that's why I'm at a I don't think the preachers ain't going through stuff to a man cuz we did we can be just as lost amen. But until the holy spirit gives you Revelation when I got this Revelation that I don't need to run around like unbelievers trying to get something already half. Guess what it brought peace of mind.

Guess what? I brought joy in my soul. That's what they brought me and then I could operate in abundance and be a blessing to someone else see if I was still running around trying to get it. I can only think about myself I can't think about you.

Is this making sense?

They just meet. In Matthew chapter 6 verse 36 these things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly father already knows all your needs. So he already knows what you need. You tell your neighbor that.

Now say it like you mean it.

No, really say it like you mean it will say like you love them.

I see some of y'all The Voice win real Downloader.

if you believe

I believe what the word of God says and it's God in the Bible says he already knows what I need gas. Want to go get what I need from. Imma, give it some God. I'm going to get it from the paycheck. I'm going to get it from the bus. I'm going to get it from somebody who just as lost. Jenna from someone who already

in the Bible says in verse 33 seek the kingdom of God. You trying to get all the money you trying to get all the fame and fortune seek the kingdom of God because God already knows what you need.

Here's what the devil will tell you and the world will tell you go after it spend all your time cuz you know, how much time you got on this Earth spend all your time trying to figure out how to get the money.

I got it already assembled.

I got what you need. I know what you need. I want to run around trying to get something. Then I thought I already gave you got for us. Committing suicide word about everything because they were running after stuff. Got always say I know what you need and I have it. Just wait till this. It's in the kingdom of God. Where is it at its inside of us?

I'm making me work hard up here.

kingdom of God above all else I'm trying to get the money above all that Simon seek the kingdom of God. I'm trying to find love Above All I'm going to seek the kingdom of God. I'm trying to beat have peace above all us women seek the kingdom of God. I keep trying to fix stuff that I already have that's why I said above everything else seek the kingdom of God. And then he says and this is the part we do mess it up on cuz we trying to do us. He says live righteously. And that means living right standing with God. Can you can't be out here doing everything you want to do boo?

Just keeping it real. When why God trying to take all the fun away? White guy trying to make everything so hard for us why we can't do this because you miss your blessing. The king is going to take care of the people who are in his kingdom you step outside of the kingdom and you on your own.

That's why you struggling you keep stopping. Not y'all don't get me wrong. When I say I would like you fussing that or not. I need you to go back and tell him message to that relative who struggle with a man. Now, you can use you say y'all I'm in Collective people. He may have to justify that cuz he's like he pointing fingers that I don't like him, you know anyway. Yeah, Whitney. We want to text this. Seek the kingdom of God above all else and live righteously and he will give you everything you need.

You see why we struggling we don't know who we are and what we're supposed to be doing. I can run in after what the world says and goddess and seek the kingdom of God above all else living right standing with me. I'll give you everything you need.

And then he says, but you verse 34, so don't worry about tomorrow.

Well the economy. Oh my gosh, you know what what Trump going to do? Oh my God show.

If you believe he said don't worry about tomorrow when you don't understand pastor, we got to prepare for everything everything. The king said he's going to take care of you.

He says I know what you need. Why you sitting here taking precious time worrying about something you don't even know what's going to happen.

You stressing out about things you don't have any control over. You worry when he says don't worry about tomorrow how many you know worry is sin. as a believer Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'll sit around worrying that seeing right there. Cuz you got to trust God. Does that make sense? All right.

So since the kingdom of God is inside of then we don't need to worry about anything. God has already provided everything here is how we know what it says in Psalm 91 verse 7

and I got it. I think I got it intellectually, but it was until the Holy Spirit impressed upon my spirit with the understanding of who I am in the kingdom of God. Look at what it said though. 10000 are dying around you those evil will never touch you. Everybody around me losing a job everybody sick everybody broke.

But it ain't impacting me.

Why? Because you are part of the Kingdom. And everything you need you get from the King. Does that make sense? So whether the boss of Google decides to have a layoff does not impact you you never get everything you need from Hitman don't get none. It's because a guy that allows him to y'all know what I'm saying. That paycheck doesn't Define who you are. What does big or little? You you got to understand you don't have to be sick because everybody else around you is sick. Because of who you are in the kingdom of God. Does that make sense? This makes sense? I need to be quiet. All right, y'all y'all need to talk back to me. Now I need to know is it is making sense? You know y'all like because you forcing us to say something to you I say so amen.

We what the Bible says a thousand fall at your side. No, $10,000 dine around you. These evils will never touch you because God's protection is one of the provisions of the kingdom of God.

People can flourish in a recession and a lot of people lose what they already have.

I remember and I'm going to tell you this before when I was down in Southern California and the company was going down maybe if I can believe her just to get together every morning and pray. Everybody else's business. We would get up and pray and then company stayed a fool not a fact and prosper as long as we were Prince and when God start moving his Warriors out, that's when the company went down.

The kingdom of God say the kingdom of God.

People are like, okay now they going to do the kingdom of God like they do everything else what the Bible says in in in Luke chapter 17 verse 21, they going to say it see here. It's over here.

In the Bible says the kingdom of God is within you.

Here's the challenge.

You got to know who you are to operate in the kingdom of God. Does that make sense? Because there are many Provisions that come with you or for you when you're in the kingdom of God say God is my source. Say it like you mean it God is my source. You know what the doctors ain't my source God is my source. You know the bank ain't my source God is my source. I can go to God and say God you promise. This is what you were doing stand on his word because God is my source whether you you stay with me or not in a marriage that person ain't your Source God is your source. Does that make sense? Does that make sense the devil would want us to get this thing twisted and think everything else is what we need to run after it is all sorts of it. And if that's gone, then it impacts us. You got to tell the devil speak. No God is my source.

Does that make sense?

We as Believers can never go to another source other than God to get anything that we need. Don't let me say that one more time. As a Believer you cannot go to any other source. You got to get your needs met. I guess what. He'll use them folks. Amen. Forget you what you need. But you always go to God to get what you need because you know, what? Did you start going to man? Guess what man woman will disappoint you I got any Witnesses here. They promised they was going to do right. They won't they were going to act like they was gone, right? That's why you always go to God. Someone talk to me it well, someone said to me and premarital counseling they were like, you know, what got a past. I don't know how to make him do this.

You ain't making no grown person do anything. Let me help some people now. This is a freebie. If you think you going to make some grown person do something you wasting your time. So I told her I say this what you do you go to God and say God I'm trusting you. that you would speaking to his life to treat me the way you treat me.

See my source ain't the person sources always God. God I'm coming to you. I trust you that you were going to do. On my behalf and speak to this person man or woman and that they will treat me the way you treat me. They will love me the way you love me. Does that make sense? I'm trying to help somebody wondering why I pooped you won't act right he came to act right?

Forget the world out of me.

Send me I'll still want the world. Let's try that again. Get the world out of me.

Why is that important? It's important because of you. Don't get the world out of you. You can't see the Kingdom. Look at what the Bible says in Matthew chapter 6 verse 24. No one can serve two masters.

But you hate one and love the other you'll be devoted to one and despise the other you can't serve God and being slave to money.

Send a Believer. We got to make a decision and I need to get the world out of me so I can be single focus on God. Because the Bible clearly says I'm going to be fresh. And get all the money and still trying to be all up in the church.

Is it God? You know what I need you to give me the money.

Are you with me? Is this making sense? Y'all getting some sleep? We could be going to be like Jasmine. Come on up here. Give me a high-five on that. That was good. She's like, yeah, I can get you some of them. Don't get me Ray confusing to you.

That's why I'm so hard for you trying to serve to you trying to serve get the money. MDM search that's why it's so easy for some of us. church today cuz I'm too busy trying to get the money. I'm too busy trying to give him or her. Oh, you know what? I'll pass on I watch it on TV.

So your car when you trying to serve two that's why I understand dude who have multiple girlfriends or women who have multiple.

I want to be over here this one craziness. That's how it is. When you trying to serve the kingdom of God and the world. Are you with me?

Bible clearly tells us no one can serve two masters you going to hate one wise guy trying to make my life so hard or if I'm a Christian why is everybody else getting what they what they want and they seem to be blessed and I'm not

You feel me?

Did some of us they were serving Jesus, but we're holding on to the world system.

Yeah, I miss that. You said we serving Jesus Lord?

I can come to your work cuz I'm busy doing a man's were.

Come on y'all. If it's hit you say ouch. You got to get this.

If you're looking to help people you love people the most important thing is their soul salvation. What's the most important thing? They think it's an immediate bill, but it's their soul that needs to be saying that we don't say so but we direct them to the one who can't argue with that will never happen. If you going after the world cuz you know what the weather going to do the world's going to tell him get deeper and Dad gets more problems get have this that another just pile on all the drama. Are you with me? And that's why the Bible says in Matthew chapter 6 verse 19 and 24 and says don't store up Treasures here on this Earth where moth eat them and Destroy them and thieves break in and steal it. You got that car in the driveway if you come home and you know you where your treasure was.

Your treasure and him and her and they going after somebody else.

Persuasive store your Treasures in Heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy and thieves don't break in and steal. And then he hits us with this and verse 21 wherever your treasure. Is there. Your desire of your heart will also be

And you run enough for the money.

It's like in a marriage you can't say you love him and her and you never spend time.

Did I just say something in another language?

Are you with me?

I got it.

He's like looking for a 22 you got to get this. Hopefully it makes it your eye is like a lamp that provides light for your body. When your whole body is filled with life? When you don't want to core? When there's clearly and what you're doing the whole body illuminates. But you confuse. People don't know who you are. What you trying to do. Are you working at Exit 23, but when your eye is unhealthy if the light you think you have is actually Darkness how deep that darkness is. Here's the challenge.

Anyway, they want to in the world. image

I didn't that kind of Darkness. Do you confuse in your eye?

But you got it together. Turn up some deep Darkness right there. And then he hit you with first 24. No one can serve two masters for you going to hate one and love the other you'll be devoted to one of the spice the other you can't serve God and be a slave to money.

se1 Focus

we got to have a single Focus.

So what is it required to be full of the Revelation that it takes to live operator move forth in the kingdom of God. The Bible says all things are possible. In Matthew Chapter 19 Verse 26 the Bible says, but Jesus looked at them. and said to do With men, this is impossible. But With God all things are possible. See you trying to go to man and do this thing. impossible you got to seek the kingdom of God and when you seek the kingdom of God, the Bible says all things are possible. So how do you live this life without trying to run after two masters? You have got to seek the kingdom of God. You got to go after God with one eye one Focus. Everything about I should be I'm serving God I'm serving my king because I'm an ambassador for him when I get up in the morning. I'm in The Bachelor for Christ when I leave out the house. I'm in the best when I'm at my job. I'm an ambassador for Christ. Whatever I said, whatever I do it represents my team. That's why the song writer says As Long As I Got King Jesus. I don't need nobody else.

So look at your neighbor say you the kingdom of God.

You are the kingdom of God.

I'm leaving right here with this. Cuz I got to build on this. if you walk out of here knowing I'm the kingdom of God. That sucks the foundation. So next week we going to talk about how to operate in the Kingdom a man how to operate in the Kingdom how to get all that the kingdom has for each and everyone of us. So if you decide you not coming tomorrow, I mean next week. Guess what you going to miss your blessing. Amen, and I give God a big handle price.

Look at this. So here's the next steps. Here's why reading the Bible reading through the Bible is important. Cuz if you don't read through the Bible, if you don't read the Bible you going to miss everything that God has for you as a relates to being a kingdom Mana Kingdom woman the kingdom child Kingdom boy Kingdom girl cuz were Kingdom people how we need to know how to operate if we don't know what the rules and regulations are in the Kingdom. Hey, man, so that's why we read through the Bible a man. So I am challenging all of us to pick up your Bible. Whether it's electronic or hard copy open it up and begin to read it. If you listen to it on on on guess what do it daily? A man just like we eat daily. You need to feed your spirit daily. So my Challenge and everybody know I don't believe you can come in here. Just hear the word of God and leave out the same. Not as a Believer, it should print something in you. What should challenge you it should do something for you to make you want to get closer to God and if it's something that can prevent you from getting closer Lori move that so I can draw closer to So sweet, so I challenge all of us to read the Bible in a year and then I want you to pray you can't believe in that have a prayer life. Come on, y'all you can't do this based on what Mama? Did you can't do it based on what Daddy did you got to have your own prayer life? You have to go to God for your own need you already know but you have to go to a lot of us trying to rely on the Elders of the church the Deacon the pastor or no don't rely on any of them. You have to pre pray for yourself a man. What was the purpose of having them in the church? Can build you up so you can go out and be ambassadors for Jesus Christ. Amen. And then I want everybody to make every Sunday back to church Sunday cuz we all know somebody who ain't been to church in a while a man to all you got to do is tell them you know, what won't you come on back to church? Every Sunday should be back to church Sunday for somebody in your life. Amen, and it ain't for them. It should be for you.

Does that make sense? Think you've got a big hand of praise.

All right cheek.

Please don't ever stop talking right now. Before before before we knew what the next.

Cuz that person is either.

those people are

and I'm calling to check.

Let the Church Say Amen We had a wonderful teaching today. I don't know what you got out of it, but Like I said pastor seem like you preach to me. Now how many of you here today? I want to see Jesus and his kingdom one day. Let me see you raise your hand.

And how many?

believe that you didn't wake yourself this morning. Jesus did let me see you raise your hand. But now it's time. That we need to get on board with him. And there is anyone that's here. On the October safety it's time now. Like Vassar was teaching. He said we only