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Apathy Toward God

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It is said that indifference condemns as it rejects God’s love and the needs of others.
INTRO - Cain was the first child born to Adam and Eve.
People everywhere can relate to the story of Cain.
Cain showed no interest in where God was or in spending time with God.
EST - Today’s text describes Cain’s apathy and it’s results.
ESS - Our message describes how apathy distances a person from God’s will.
OST - We will ask God to help us discover apathy in our lives.
TRANS - Let’s travel back to the day’s of Adam and Eve and their children.

What does it say?

Genesis 4:16 ESV
Then Cain went away from the presence of the Lord and settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden.
TRANS - I want us to note 3 important things beginning with the cause.
Then we will, with the help of the Holy Spirit, discover and root out indifference towards God in our lives.

Cause of the Apathetic

The cause of Cain’s apathy toward God is sin.
Cain sinned by murdering his brother Abel.

Event of Sin

Genesis 4 relates the event of Able’s murder by Cain.
Able brought the “firstborn of his flock and of their fat portions.”
Cain brought “fruit of the ground.”
Able’s involves a sacrifice, that includes blood, and pleases God, while Cain’s does please God.
NOTE - Today there are some who preach a bloodless theology.
They leave out the necessity of the blood of Christ for the cleansing of sin.
Much like Cain, they, also, persecute those who believe in the necessity of the blood of Christ for the cleansing of sin.
Let me tell you the Bible says:
1 John 1:7 ESV
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.
Maybe some don’t like the way God does business.
Neither did Cain; he went away angry at God and murdered Abel.
The irony is that in the end, Cain did spill blood.
Yet, not in a way pleasing to God.

Effect of Sin

Sin and God don’t mix.
A sinner does not care to be around God and sin does not survive in God’s presence.
Sin causes an anti-God attitude that works through a society.
No person can tolerate abortion, homosexualism, drunkeness, gambling, and others sins and still want to be in the presence of God.
People who begin to miss church and spend less time in daily devotions probably have a sin problem.
Sin caused Cain to be apathetic and even while God did speak with Cain, Cain wanted nothing to do with God.
NOTE — The Bible clearly teaches God wants people to publicly worship him.
The person who finds ways to avoid church demonstrates indifference toward public worship.
We all know people who rob God in this way by not worshiping him in church.
Sadly, they make God less important than some other interest.
This leads to less, or no, ascribing worth to God.
Just as Cain closes the door on God and opened the door to all manner of sin, so people begin to justify their interests more important that pleasing God.
Apathy distances people from God, leads to a life of sin.
I’ll add here, it even makes way to destroy the lives of other people.
Just consider the effect parents have on children when missing church.
TRANS - So we see the cause and effect.
How does an apathetic lifestyle flesh out?
How do we recognize apathy toward God?
This next point considers them by there works.

Conduct of the Apathetic

“Cain went away from the presence of the Lord.”
Cain left intentionally.
Cain made his way away from God.
At least he thought; truly you don’t escape God’s omnipresence.
Cain left God, but humanity is created for relationships.
How does Cain fill that need for relationship?
Cain seeks others with whom he develops relationships.
Even while God wanted a relationship with Cain, Cain didn’t want one with God.
TRANS — Let me tell you a story about a fellow who God was attempting to reach, but who still wanted to do his thing instead of God’s thing.
ILL - I shared a story while teaching at the Men’s Mission this past week. A 17 year old boy was once accepted into the program. We’ll call him Jeremy. Jeremy was on house arrest and if he failed, he was heading to prison. As the youngest fellow there, most of the men treated him like a younger brother. Jermey was given the advice to not “hangout” with another young fellow because he was trouble. Jermey didn’t take the advice and sure enough was in the car with his “friend” when, one day, they were pulled over. Just being outside of the house was enough to land Jermey in trouble. But on top of that, the other fellow had drugs in the car. Jeremy was arrested and sent to prison for several years.
TRANS - There are good and bad relationship.
That brings me to this next point, we must choose our company carefully.

Company with this Attitude

Cain did not want to be in the presence of God.
So, where does Cain go?
Cain joins company with active and open sinners.
There is much to said about your reverence for God by the company you keep.
Does the Bible give us contrasting examples?
I’m glad you ask.
The answer is yes, the Bible gives us contrasting attitudes to teach us what God wants from people.

Comparing with this Attitude

When considering spending time in God’s presence, consider the life of Moses compared to the life of Cain.
Cain wants nothing to do with God while Moses does not want to go anyplace without God:
Exodus 33:15 ESV
And he said to him, “If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here.
Jeremy, Cain, and ourselves, we have choices when deciding if we will spend time with God or others.
Moses gives us the example God seeks.
The right attitude is not wanting to go anyplace without God.
TRANS — So, how might this work?
No matter where you are, with whom you are spending time, watching, saying, or doing, if you can’t imagine doing that with Jesus then you are like Cain and not like Moses.
Simple, if you can’t imagine doing it with Jesus, if Jesus wouldn’t approve, then you shouldn’t do it.
TRANS - So we’ve seen the Cause and the Conduct, where might a bunch of Cain’s hangout?

Country of the Apathetic

“settled in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.”
Cain made Nod his new residence.
“Nod” means “to wander.”
That’s exactly what Cain is doing; Cain is wandering away from God.
Popularity, possessions, positions… yes, Nod has these things.
Nod is, also, the land of the never-satisfied and the restless.
ILL - Now, there is a difference between the person who leaves God for something else and the person who is unsure about church.
Don’t confuse the two.
An acclaimed believer who chooses not to worship is not the same as a person burnt by, does not know about, or even who is lead to believe wrongly about church.
The first one, like Cain knowingly disobeys God.
The second is being drawn by God.
So, don’t rebuke the wrong one!
One sign of the “Cain-type” is their never-satisfied wandering life of self pursuit.
TRANS — Let’s paint a picture of that place.

Country of Dissatisfaction “Nod”

Nod, like the world, never satisfies.
The wandering spirit never finds peace in Nod.
We might draw a description of the type of person living in Nod:
2 Timothy 3:7 ESV
always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.
Cain is not satisfied.
You wonder if his life lesson is similar to what Solomon penned in Ecclesiastes:
Ecclesiastes 2:11 ESV
Then I considered all that my hands had done and the toil I had expended in doing it, and behold, all was vanity and a striving after wind, and there was nothing to be gained under the sun.
ILL - I once heard a story about a beggar standing on a street corner commented to his friends, “If only I had a hundred dollars, I would never complain again.” A businessman walking by overheard his statement and interrupted the conversation.
“Excuse me,” the man said. “Did you say if you had a hundred dollars, you would never complain again?”
The beggar replied, “You heard right, mister.”
The man pulled out his wallet, handed him a hundred dollars, and said, “I’m glad I can have a small part in bringing happiness to the world.”
After the man walked away, the beggar turned to his friends and remarked, “I wish I had asked for two hundred dollars!”
You see, people of Nod are not satisfied because the problem is internal.

Country of Dishonor “East of Eden”

God’s honor was in Eden.
People are not allowed to enter Eden because human beings do not honor God’s Word.
Cain lived apart from God and Eden because he does not honor God’s word.

What is God saying to me?

Unaddressed sin numbs the soul and moves people from worship.
Jesus can be invited into every moment of the true worshiper’s life.
Constant dissatisfaction in only cured in God satisfies every need.

To better understand the human body, in 1994, researchers made available a new computer tool called “The Visible Man.” The Visible Man consists of almost two thousand computer images.

To produce the images, scientists at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center took a man’s body that had been willed to science and took CAT scans, X rays, and MRI images of it. Then they embedded the body in gelatin. They froze it, sliced it crosswise into 1,800 millimeter-thin sections, and digitally photographed each cross section.

Medical students can look at The Visible Man from any angle, call up an image of any cross section they desire, rotate the images, and put them back together again.

What The Visible Man does for the body, the Word of God does for the soul. God’s Word pictures the inner person—our motives, priorities, thoughts, and sins.

Without the Word, with out Worship, is living without God.
What does your life say?
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