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The 'Ridiculous' King

Easter 2018  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  29:16
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Mk 15:16-20. Dan Kroon. The word ridiculous means: 'deserving or inviting mockery, ridicule or derision;' which is exactly what Jesus receives in Mark 15:16-20. Here is a pathetic and pitiful 'king', apparently inviting mockery. Here is a beaten and disfigured 'king', apparently deserving ridicule. Here is a humiliated and defeated 'king', apparently warranting derision. He was regarded by many as 'ridiculous' on that fateful day nearly 2,000 years ago. He's regarded by many as 'ridiculous' today. And even where he is not openly mocked or laughed at, he is far from regarded as a true King and Ruler. Yet, it is this pathetic, pitiful, beaten, disfigured, humiliated, and defeated King who has the only claim to true Kingship. He is the King who silently suffers brutality to fix the cause of brutality. He is the King who silently suffers mockery to heal the hearts of mockers. He is the King who sadly suffers death to conquer death once and for all.

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