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Walk It, Talk It

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Jesus is the reason we are here. God saw fit to offer his only son as a sacrifice for mankind. Your eternity begins and ends with the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. He was humiliated for us, he complied with governmental authorities and was still beaten and murdered. He is the exemplary example of community outreach yet they still saw fit to publically humiliate him.
Regardless of what you are going through you have to walk the walk and talk the talk. Through parables he encourages us, through he life he strengthens us, and through his death he saves us. Jesus walked his mission as well as talked his mission and that is what he expects from us. Upon being arrested he walked from court to court as an innocent man who was found guilty of a crime although he did nothing but serve mankind.
If the beating was not enough, if being spit upon was not enough, if a crown of thorns was not enough, if the ridicule was not enough they still saw fit to drive nails in his hands and feet. They did not even think enough of my savior to give him water to drink after he had walked miles while carries his cross just to be crucified on it. If the nails were not enough, they still decided to inflict more damage by driving a spear in the side of my savior. If that was not enough they buried him in a tomb that did not belong to him, but thank God for day three in which he rose to bring salvation to all of mankind.

The Cross

They took Jesus, therefore, and He went out, bearing His own cross, to the place called the Place of a Skull, which is called in Hebrew, Golgotha.
If His crucifixion was not enough they crucified him between two thieves, and he even found enough strength to save one of the thieves.
The cross has a horizontal beam and a vertical beam. Jesus carried the patibulum or the horizontal beam to his death across his back.
Understand that Jesus carried the patibulum or horizontal beam on an already beaten back.
Sometimes you have to carry your trial across the place in the worst pain. Pilate then took Jesus and scourged him.
The horizontal part of the cross that Jesus had to walk and carry reaches all mankind. The power of Jesus is horizontal like that beam that it reaches out to all mankind despite who you are or where you are from.
who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.
Historically, those who were crucified carried the horizontal beam.
The vertical beam was already positioned in an upright manner. I know our sacrifices are hard, but the blessing is when our sacrifice is positioned to bring us closer to God. The part of the cross that Jesus was walking toward was pointing up toward God.
The cross they hung in on, they thought it was going to take him to an early grave but God used that cross to be a part of his Resurrection!
They were lifting him up on the cross to kill him, but God used it as a device of exaltation to bring all mankind to Jesus.
It does not matter what we have to walk toward, God is still in control. I glorified You on the earth, having accomplished the work which You have given Me to do.
Jesus’ walk reaches all people horizontally because Jesus is in line with God vertically! When you are in line with God you can walk the walk of forgiveness.
But Jesus was saying, Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing. And they cast lots, dividing up His garments among themselves.
His sacrifice points toward God. When you are in line with God, your sacrifice and your life points directly to him. It is not for your Glory but His and His alone.

Walking in the Same Direction

You may not be walking toward your cross, but we all need to be walking in the same direction because we never know who needs help carrying their cross.
As they were coming out, they found a man of Cyrene named Simon, whom they pressed into service to bear His cross.
When we walk in the same direction in the same mind we can bear each other’s burdens. Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.
Jesus walked a life that exemplified the love of God. If we are walking in the same direction of Jesus we take part in his love and his crucifixion.
A disciple follows Christ, even when the cross gets heavy and the journey becomes dangerous we still follow him. Jesus exemplified the walk by performing miracles, being there for the oppressed, feeding the hungry and healing the blind as well as the sick.
Our walk should be one that reaches out horizontally to all mankind. How we handle our trials and our sacrifices should directly show our alignment to God through our life.
The crucifixion of Christ brought salvation to mankind and glory to the everlasting father.
The cross with a perfect savior hanging on it reached out to the thieves and those who abused him and killed Him through the power of forgiveness.
Jesus walked to the cross and left there to die. Typically it could take days, a long agonizing death, typically ending by suffocating the victim, if that was not enough they pierced him in the side. Crucifixion created by Persians, developed by Carthaginians, perfected by Romans but conquered by Jesus.
People might talk about you during your walk, remember Jesus. People might fasten a crown of thorns on your head, remember Jesus. People might drive nails right in the hands that helped them, remember Jesus. People might drive nails in the feet that walked side by side with them, remember Jesus. This world may try to bury you in the tomb of death that does not belong to you remember Jesus. As long as you walk right, talk right your Resurrection is coming!
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