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Easter 2018

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Easter is about the death AND the resurrection

It is not just about being saved FROM our sin, and the eternal death that is the desination, the wages of our sin. Jesus’ death saved us from death, there is no question.
But we are not saved FROM death, we are saved INTO the resurrection.
The problem of sin is that a just and righteous God, who is set apart, Holy, is welcoming us into eternity with Him.
And sin distorts our ability to enter that. Sin is not powerful. God is powerful. God was not in a battle with the devil. The ANGELS of God were in a battle with the ANGELS that were swayed to follow Lucifer.
But this idea of an epic battle between God and Satan, life and death, Sin vs Holiness, that is simply not the case.
There was never a situation that God was in any way threatened, and His plans have never deviated from His goals.
The devil WANTS you to think sin was keeping you from God because of how dirty it is, how broken you must me for sinning, and to all around make you ashamed.
(V.R. helmet) So when we are under the influence of Sin, we see the virtual truth of our actions, our decisions, our shortcomings.
Jesus death paid the price, and unlocked our prison doors, rending the veil that kept us from the holy of holies, the very presence of the Spirit of God.
Jesus unlocked it. As we approach the cross, look to Jesus and repent of the way we lived relative to sin, to the flesh, we now have the power to remove the veil.
And that is it. Jesus death caused the veil to be ripped. And it ripped from the top down. Initiated from Heaven, and the holy of holies was unveiled for ever.
We have been saved FROM sin, but have been saved INTO the resurrection. We have been saved FROM:
I am not acceptable INTO I am accepted
I am disappointing INTO I am appointed
I am dirty INTO I am pure
I am an Orphan INTO I have a Father
I am an enemy of God INTO I am a child of God and a co-heir with Christ
In the Flesh we have to scratch and work and struggle, and protect ourselves, and hide our weaknesses, and wear a mask. In the resurrection we get to partner with God and resources flow, God protects us, our weaknesses are compensated for in Godly community, and we, with unveiled faces present ourselves to God.
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