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Our Ressurection

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Faith becomes sight with recognition of what God has done. Our Faith and recognition of God's grace leads us to our own resurrection.

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They remembered His Words

In the passage we read earlier, we see that the women who went to to tomb did not see Jesus’s body but only divine creatures that they did not know. But after these Angels retold them what would happen to Jesus in the same words that Jesus used, it clicked. Their faith assured them that Christ indeed was risen from the grave. They did not see Jesus from what they understood, but they knew he was alive. There faith gave way to worship.

Pray and Read

They did not recognize him!

Not their fault. It was not time for Jesus to be recognized. Jesus wanted to play a little game. Two who were not the Apostles. Walking 7 miles to a town called Emmaus. They were disciples.
HAve you ever
How well do you know me?
Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and hear what people say about you?
They looked down, they did not want to talk about it!
Read 17-18, “Are you the only one who did not know what has happened over the past three days?” Most visitors for Passover would have at least known about the trail and seen the crucifixion - Public spectacles.
They describe who Jesus is to them.

Prophet, Powerful in Word and Deed. We hoped He would be the redeemer.

They then tell of what the women saw earlier

But not as though it was fact. They women saw the empty tomb, not Jesus as He once was.
The women believed after having it repeated to them what Jesus said about what the Prophet said about the Son of God. The Women then told the apostles and disciples what was told to them.

Slow of heart

We understand with our mind, but feel with our heart. There are foolish because they hear yet do not understand the truth of it all. They are slow of heart, because they hear yet slow to believe. They may say they understand yet, do not act like they understand. Jesus goes over all the scriptures, from Moses, grace in the wilderness. To King David and the psalms, and all the prophets. Isaiah is my favorite. is key to read during the Lenten Season. They were undoubtedly intrigued.

They arrive in Emmaus and begged Him to stay with them.

So he did and they sat down to eat. Things started to look familiar. They way he took the bread, gave thanks to God and broke the bread and gave it to them. They may not have been there on the past Thursday, but the other times maybe. 5,000, 4,000, eating with Sinners.
It was in the act of Communion that they recognized him.

Our Act of Holy Communion as an act of Remembrance

Pray. The Great Thanksgiving. Serve Communion.

Do you Recognize Christ?

Do you see Christ? Do you not only understand all that has happened but also fully believe it with your heart. When these two disciples did. They ran back to Jerusalem. The seven miles, within an hour. That is like running two 5K’s.
To truly be in Worship this Easter Season is to be that excited about Christ being alive that you run to tell other, not growing weary. Having strong heart and confident mind that He is indeed alive! Do you Believe it?
In Verse 33...They were ashamed they they did not know it was him. How foolish and slow at heart? Does your heart burn with the same fire at the Words of Jesus? Do you burn with faith that He is alive and the Fire of The Holy Spirit is with us! Are you alive with your heart strangely warmed?



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