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Series Overview

What will this series be about: How God recreates out of previous creation. How nothing passes away but transitions into a new beginning. This is true with churches.
What Felt need am I targeting? 
Cooperative ministry with other churches
What is the primary scripture or book for the series?
2 Co. 5:17
What is the “big idea” of this series?
Jesus promised us that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. Then why are so many churches failing? It has nothing to do with conservative or liberal theology or preachers, it has to do with congregations being open to the new creation. Churches must recreate themselves every 3 years. Sanctification is a continuous process of change as the new creation is consummated as the second coming. God provides a way, it always involves change, and people don't follow God's lead, that's why churches fail!
How many weeks and what are the scriptures?
April 8 (Lent 4 Year C)
April 15 (Pent 4 Year C)
April 22 (Lent 4 Year B)
April 29 5th Sunday Ephesians 4:17-24
What books, articles, and/or pop cultural references speak to this subject?
What is the name of the series?
The New Creation
What are the creative elements?
How will the series be promoted with deadlines.
Social Media
Promotion Schedule
4 Weeks Out
3 Weeks Out
2 Weeks Out
1 Week Out
The Week of

4.8 New Life

(Lent 4 Year C)
Big Idea: Living into God's communal vision (Feasting, Homiletical)
Our point of View of Jesus has changed, no longer human
If we are in Christ we are now a new creation, reconciled with God
This all comes from God, a ministry of reconciliation
We are ambassadors of this reconciliation
We are made righteous through Christ
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
This Is My Father’s World
O Day of God, Draw Nigh
He Is Faithful
Create In Me
Jesus, Draw Me Close

4.15 New Everything

(Pentecost 9 Year C)
Big Idea: The old creation versus the new, we must persevere to do what is good till the new fully arrives.
The Flesh
it must not rule our lives
it's hard but persevere, don't let it have the last word
Do good, be ready for the harvest
Circumcision=flesh, not spirit, not new creation
new creation is everything
All believers and the cosmos are part of the new creation that is here, but not yet
O God, Our Help in Ages Past
I'll Praise My Maker While I've Breath
Go Forth for God
Crown Him King of Kings (Sharon Damazio)
Find Us Faithful (Jon Mohr)
There Is Joy in the Lord (Cheri Keaggy)

4.22 Made New

(Lent 4 Year B)
Big Idea: Transition from death to life in Christ. We are a new creation.
We were dead (flesh)
sins and trespasses
Following evil
God, in mercy and great love we have been saved
made us alive through Christ
raised up with Christ
Seated with him in heaven
Age to Come, new creation
we may see "immeasurable reaches" because of Christ
We have been saved through faith a gift of God!
Saved by faith not works
We are now created in Christ for good works
This is part of God's plan from the beginning
Grace Greater than All Our Sin
Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed
Abide with Me
Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone
Amazing Love (Kendrick)
Mighty to Save (Story)

4.29 New Minds

Big Idea: When we were made new we were given new minds.The old mind was futile, the new mind is "renewed" in the likeness of God!
Get rid of that old self
The old way of thinking is futile
The new way of thinking is thinking like God
be renewed in the spirit of your mind

General Notes of Preperation

A Pauline expression in and , which refers to (1) a believer’s ontological transformation in Christ, (2) the community of Christian believers, and (3) the end-time cosmological renewal and restoration.
New Creation As Christian Community
Concept of redemption developed throughout the OT and NT to its final consummation in the second coming of Jesus Christ
Wesley The New Creation
In Paul suggests that this future reality is already present. There are three options for explaining precisely how the new is to be understood: (1) through individual converts; (2) through the community of ; or (3) through the cosmos as a whole
New Creation as Community
There is no circumcision, no "membership" we were baptized in Christ's church. Not a denomination, not a local church.
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