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Matthew 9:27-10:4

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Sharing Authority

In this reading Jesus is addressed as the Son David by the blind men. These blind men were following Jesus looking for their sight to be restored. Their sight was restored by faith in Jesus. You and I can find the same faith if we look with eyes made alive by Christ. Stop looking at your life with the eyes of dead women because we are no longer dead but were made alive and revived by our faith.
#1 Why were the blind men calling Jesus the Son of David?
The Son of David is referring to Jesus who is in the line of the Messiah to come.
The mute and demon possessed man drew more critical eyes upon His ministry. The Pharisees claimed Jesus was given authority to heal and cast out demons by the Devil himself.
He called His disciples and gave them authority. Simple and straight forward. But did you catch what Jesus asked the followers to do first?
#2 what was to be done first?
Most people don’t. They do not do this crucial step more often than not. So what was this that Jesus asked them to do first? Pray for the workers.
In our study of Matthew thus far; we have established that Jesus has authority, that He was given this authority by God, and now we see Jesus intends to share that very same authority with his followers. He was brought to this decision because he was moved by the masses of people with needs of teaching and healing. How exciting this must have been for the disciples to be given powers to heal and teach when just a short time before they had been men who needed healing and teaching. But, there is a dark side beginning to show itself, one that polarized the very masses of people that are following Jesus around the country side. We begin to see Jesus being cautious and asking that those he healed to not spread the word of him and his work.
#3 Why do you think the Pharisees said the Jesus was casting out demons because he was in cahoots with them?
Nothing Jesus did could have brought these pharisees to this conclusion, we instead see that they themselves are the blind, and the mute. They can not do more than impugne Jesus’ character to try and gain the peoples following. We will see this theory further develop and become a fixed mode of operation for those opposing Jesus.

I shall only observe the miserable effects of blindness and malice

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