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WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES EASTER MAKE?  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  43:38
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1. Easter is the single most important event for Christianity. 2. The Big Question-"Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?" 3. We believe Jesus Rose from the Dead- It's essential to Our Beliefs 4.What Does His Resurrection Really Mean? I). RESURRECTION MEANS JESUS IS WHO HE CLAIMS TO BE. a). Resurrection Equals Life. b). Jesus claimed to be the Resurrection. c). Faith In Jesus was an all Important Requirement. d). Eternal Life is at the Heart of One's Faith. II). RESURRECTION MEANS JESUS HAS POWER HE CLAIMED. a). Jesus said He has Power to Raise the dead. b). Jesus Demonstrated this Power for you and Me. III). RESURRECTION MEANS MY FUTURE IS SECURE. a). Jesus Did what He Promised to Do, BECAUSE HE COULD. b). If all this is nothing then we are fools. IV). CONCLUSION: WHAT HAS THE HOLY SPIRIT TOLD YOU THIS MORNING?

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