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notusable_A faithless sellout or a faithful servant?

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What is he saying?

Jerusalem has become unfaithful in the matter of justice. What was valuable (justice) has become refuse (injustice) in that the rulers are clouded in their judgment of the needy by their accepting of bribes. Because of this, the LORD will work to restore judges by taking away those in the wrong. After the Lord's work, you will no longer be the unfaithful harlot, but you will be called the Faithful City. This work from injustice to justice will be accomplished by redemption - bought back from what they were sold to - through justice. In other words, justice will be exacted in order to bring you back to the place where you exact justice/are faithful. It is the converts who will be redeemed with righteousness. Those who rebel, in their idolatry will be faithfully judged. Justice will be carried out appropriately.
(v. 21 a - 23) - Opening summary statement - the faithful city has become unfaithful, selling
How they sold themselves #1 - They went from being full of justice to harboring people of violence (v. 21) (22 a - b) Valuable metal has become refuse (22 c - d) Valuable drink has been watered down How they sold themselves #2 (v. 23) - The leaders yoked up with thieves (23 c - d) Yoked up through bribery - a love for money (23 e - h) They did not defend the needy
(v. 24 - 26) THEREFORE, the Lord, the Lord Almighty [Yahweh], the mighty One of Israel - i.e. the One in total control, in total dominance...
He will comfort himself through righteous vengeance (v. 24 d - e) He will bring his hand against Israel (v. 25a) TAKE AWAY: He will purge [refine] them of their rubbish (v. 25b) TAKE AWAY: He will take away their impurities (v. 25 c) He will restore: (v. 26 a) Judges - Governmental figures (v. 26 b) Counsellers
(v. 26 c - 31) AFTERWARD, this is the Result and Summary of what took place
(26 c - d) It will be a city righteousness (not murderers) and not selling themselves to do wickedness - they will be faithful. What was the process that took them from harlotry to faithfulness (Redemption through judgment and imputation of righteousness) [converts - penitent] (v. 27) The impenitent will suffer eternally (v. 28 - 31)
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