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Be Alert!

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Be on alert so your physical weakness not overshadow your spiritual power

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Amber alert (Christian Alert! Follower Jesus Alert! Disciple of Jesus Alert)
If you have a copy of God’s Word, please turn to the Gospel of Mark Chapter 14. We will look at verses 32-42 this morning. We are continuing to study the life of Christ in his last few days on earth. Most theologians label the last week of Jesus life as Passion Week. The author Mark gives his audience hones in on the humanity of Christ. Mark gives us more than other Gospel writers, the human side as well as the divinity of our Lord. Jesus was the Son of God dwelt in human flesh.
Last few weeks, Pastor Tobin have preached Chapter 14. There’s a lot of moving pieces in this chapter. In the beginning of the chapter we see preparation of Jesus death- A lady poured expensive perfume on Jesus to prepare him for death and burial. Then Mark tells us Jesus pronouncement- that his disciples will deny him and that He will die, but he will be raised from the dead v28. Mark also gives us a promise by Jesus. Jesus instituted an ordinance-the Lord’s Supper and the promise v25- “Truly I say to you, I will never again drink of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God.” So this morning we will look at Jesus poignant yet powerful prayer in the midst of physical pressure.
Scriptural Reading: .
I think the church should have an alert system. Not Amber Alert nor Silver Alert, but a disciple of Jesus alert! As a matter of fact, could I tell you that Jesus had an alert and warning system for his disciples in this passage. I believe Mark records this passage to alert and to warn his audience that th
Be alert! That your praying power not be overwhelmed by physical pressures.
How do disciples of Jesus be alert so that their praying power not be overwhelmed by physical pressures.
There are two principles and applications I want you to walk away from this morning. When someone ask you during at Golden Corral today what the sermon is about you could them these two truths. By the way, does Golden Corral still have you 10% discount if you bring church bulletin on Sundays? Maybe it was Luby’s? Anyway, you see it pays to go to church. You being fed spiritually as well as discount on your Sunday meal.
The first take home truth from this passage is…
A. Be watchful! Pray to align yourself with God’s will (direction)(vv.
Be vigilant! Pray to (realign) keep yourself from Satan’s war (distraction)
· Be vigilant that physical pressures not overshadowed your spiritual promise (fervor).
· Be vigilant for physical pressures could overshadow your spiritual promise
· Be vigilant because physical pressures could overshadow your spiritual promise
· Be vigilant that your spiritual promise not be overcome (overtaken, overshadowed) by physical pressure.
This narrative gives us a picture emotional, physical and spiritual of our Lord. The word Gethsemane means “olive press.” He was at a place where olive groves were pressed to make oil and other cooking ingredients and medicinal purposes.
o Peter denied Jesus
o Disciples scattered
· Surrendering your will means willing to trust God with the outcome.
· even if the outcome may not be what you expected.
· In times of trouble, you make life-changing decisions.
· In times of trouble, people are tempted to seek an easy way out
· Desperate times call for desperate measures
· Surrendering your will to God doesn’t guarantee the desired outcome
· Peter respond would be “it’s really hard to call a prayer meeting after a Thanksgiving Feast.” You better off calling the guys to a Man Cave, because all the guys will watch the Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins.
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