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Obedience To God

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If she's just going to she's going to take over. Wonderful. You know how many of heard about Russ Conway son? La Crosse Conway is the pastor of The Rock Church a very very dear dear man, and his son committed suicide on Friday. And he was 24 years old. I'd spoken with R Us some years ago about his son who had bipolar. and You know.

he did what he did and it's it's ice. I said to Ross yesterday. I said I hope Russ. That this will start a conversation about mental health in the church. And we will take mental health out of the Christian closet and bring it right here. And that we will stop thinking that mental health is some kind of crazy spiritual issue that someone needs to be delivered.

Yet we so quickly will take somebody who has a heart condition diabetes cancer, whatever it is to the doctor and get medication. But for some reason there is a thinking within charismatic Evangelical Christianity that anything to do with the mind is somehow spiritual. And the idea of I remember someone. Looking at a child had difficulty ahead psychological difficulties and saying they needed to be delivered and when all they needed was therapy psychological attention and they're going to work it out. There is a bad bad toxic Doctrine within Christianity that makes people with mental health issues feel like they are somehow it's subspecies of the family. And I don't know what this young man went through. But even last night of Pastor sent to me an email about it said is this a spirit?

And I said, I'm going to answer you as politely as I can. But it's that thinking that may have pushed this kid. To a place of doing what he did. And because mental health is as much a medical condition as cancer heart disease anything else and we have to stop as a church treating it like some kind of special thing that everyone just hush is a boating corners. Psychiatric medication is okay when people have to go on medication for mental health issues. They're not some kind of weak Christian. And what we need to be as Christians as supporting them in those situations everything's a spirit. Everything is cancer heart disease poverty spousal abuse. It's all coming from the pit of Hell. But the fact is that this young man, I just hope he was not subjected to the type of Christianity that would make him think that because it didn't go away that he was not eligible for the love and the blessing of God or a future in God. And so Spurgeon suffer terribly with depression. Nobody talks about that. There's a lot of great men and women of God who have suffered severe mental health issues, and I've got up and down my God exactly wanted them to do and they were no less a Christian than anyone else. So here we have a situation that this beautiful young man 24 years of age who is a strong worshiper. Chose for some reason to take his life and and then the next hurdle is for the church is whether or not he's in heaven.

Trust me. There are people in this church and who in other churches who will believe that because he committed suicide he is not with God. And the thing is it wasn't too long ago that I remember someone I knew committed suicide in a church in the city wouldn't do the funeral. So you got to understand that it's in that milieu that mental health exist in the church, and we need to be at church that welcomes people with mental health issues. And I it's it's it's bizarre. The amount of suicide have been around in the last 3 or 4 months, but it's a it's an absolute Scourge that's coming on our young people part of it's coming from social media because it's being dramatized. It's being glorified and so it's a real problem. But nonetheless we need to as a church be able to speak to people with mental health issues and let them know that God is with them. God loves them there. No less a Christian for having a mental health issue and that God can work through them just as much as he can work through anybody. So if we have that kind of love, I think we're going to do we're going to go a long way because you know what the social agencies. It's so swamped. They don't know what to do. I don't know what to do with the mental health issues that tapping with our teenagers and with our young adults. They don't have the people. They don't have the know-how and they don't know what to say. And we can offer a hope in Christ. We do have a supernatural power. We do have access to a supernatural power that will enable people to walk through incredible things. They may not be delivered from incredible things, but they can walk through things and then sometimes God does deliver but we have to be able to accept both those realities and give people with mental health struggles the opportunity to have hope in their life and not just judgment. So it is a sad day. It is a sad day for Ross and his family for Rock Church and it's going to have real ramifications. I can't imagine Russ and his family today, but the thing is It's happening to all kinds of parents out there. It's not like Ross were familiar with Ross and we see it is a very terrible thing but there's parents all over the country right now grieving about their kids have committed suicide. So the church has to rise to the occasion of a culture that is changing very dramatically and we have to have an answer to that. So anyway, I just wanted to let you know there is going to be at the service on Wednesday this coming Wednesday the 14th at 1:02 at Rock Church. I should suspect it's going to be incredibly packed but it's something for us to think about, you know, this issue and father. We just pray as there's probably churches all over this city this morning praying for Russ and his family and father We join that course of prayers that goes up and asked to comfort and give us strength during this time. And also we pray that father God for all those kids that are out there are contemplating suicide right now for all those kids that don't have an answer those young adults. Anyone father God who was thinking suicide is the answer father. Please put us in their way. Please put us in the way of these people and that we can give them a hope and a strength and inability to go on Father. God through you Jesus. We pray this. In Jesus name amen. Biblical biblical definition of obedience. It's wonderful definition here the moral virtue that inclines the will to comply with the will of another who has the right to command when I was thinking when I dropped it in my heart to talk about obedience. The point was obedience to God, that's really what was going through my mind. So if you're wondering what we're getting out today, it really is in obedience to God in and obedience to the word. We are living in a time where the people following the word of God. You know, it's okay. Maybe I'll take some of it and I won't take some of that and I'll take some of this and I won't take some of that. It's an interesting time what's going on in Christianity? It's being extremely watered-down. Address you a theologian Father John Anthony Harden said that quote in it it it's a good quote. So what it's actually saying is a person who is rooted in obedience. And this is the key word submit to his will to the one who possesses legitimate authority over him and then for you and I that's God that's Jesus and the word of God, which is Jesus in that mysterious way that the Bible says that the word is actually Christ and Christ is the word but obedience is a very shrinking part of the Christian character in our society right now and as we become more and there's a reason for that as we become more and more a self orientated society and by that, I mean what we think is important is what's important what we want is what's important and we have a huge huge social surge in that direction. That is elevate. Self over everything else and of course, it's it's entering the church. It has a priority that what we like is what's important. What we want is important. What we think is right is what's right and there's not too much that's going to get in the way of that in a society that has sell on the throne of the heart. And again, if we think God has entered into the church were really deceiving ourselves opinions that conflict with our own or often dismiss very easily in today's society. They just say well that's good for you. That's good for you and I have what's good for me and The problem with that is that when we look around the world. it tells us something about the wisdom of the world when people are saying oh, well what I think is really What should happen what I think is what is really right? We should have some proof somewhere that you Manatee has a track record of that being so you would think that you Manatee would have a wonderful track record when they go out on their own. Saying yep boy. That was a good decision. This was a good decision will look at these. What's the first one here? These are actual things that were supported by medical science or Society at the time heroin cough syrup.

Stop the cough. Would stop back off you would pretend you could fly off a building, but it would stop the cough the next one. cigarettes some of you remember these these commercials and needs as there's a doctor smoke a fresh cigarette. And the thing was that it would soothe your throat. It would give you cancer in your lungs, but it would soothe your throat. And this was promoted like this was common typical thought this next one is hilarious radioactive water.

It certified and it says a triple distilled water. Of course the man that the main guy who was promoting this and this was actually available. It was it was given as a treatment for things. It was good until his jaw fell off. From drinking it the next one lobotomy. I mean that wasn't so long ago that they would think if you put something up here and they took you took out the frontal lobe the cortex here, which is it's your reasoning and it's your filter. It's what stops you from running out into traffic and screaming it's that is what gives us a reason hear. Some of us don't have a very good one. I have a Time shown great loss of frontal lobe activity, but they would go up and just destroy that and hope that it made the person better. We don't do that anymore. Thankfully. This one's great. To lose weight. They used to give you this stuff that had tapeworm eggs in it.

How many Noah tapeworms are? Tapeworms are nasty little things that can live in your intestines and they eat everything that you send them.

That's right. I mean, this is not crazy. Like this is 70 years ago. 70 years 60 years ago. I like this one. smoking on a plane

and they would actually have no they would actually have a no smoking section on the plane.

I'm thinking that the smoke at the front of the plane would probably make its way to the back of the plane. We were stupid enough to think it's non-smoking. I can just I'm okay. Oh my heavens and this final one we say well those things were all way back then. June. We have the me-too movement. Now how many know what the me-too movement is. You should all know what the me-too movement is. If you don't you you really need to catch up because it is a major major major movement in our society right now where women are finally standing up and saying we will not take sexual abuse and harassment anymore. We won't do it in the International Day of the woman, which is Thursday, but they're all celebrating in churches today. Now, I know there's some men that I can feel it coming off you.

There's negativity in their judgement coming off you I can feel it about this. But you must understand that women for Millennia have been touched the wrong way have been seduced the wrong way have been forced the wrong way by powerful men. to put them in a situation where they were not being treated fairly and then sometimes totally abused just to keep their job now some men may sit back and say well that's just women screaming from the chandeliers, but it's not it's the truth and we have been on this planet for six thousand years if we go with Biblical time, And we're just getting this now. We're just getting it now that you shouldn't do that to women. How smart are we as a species? Like how much should we be trusting our own judgments? This I'm going to put this at the back. I just this is just a few of them. These are all drugs that have been manufactured within the last 20-30 years that have been recalled because once they started using them they found out that they were actually killing people and these were the best medical Minds we had at the time telling us that these were okay. The point of trying to get at is human wisdom is falling the Bible tells us that that we lost whatever we lost in the Garden of Eden along with many many things when we disobeyed God we lost our smart and we became a brute beasts LED mainly by our emotions greed lust violent anger. Wisdom went out the window for some reason if someone from outer space came to this planet right now, honestly, what if they looked around and saw what was it? What would they think honestly? I mean when you think of the environmental degradation that's that's going on this all the species that are being killed every day. There's another species. There's a whole bunch species per day that are going extinct the global Warfare that we have we put toxins in our food we put sewer in our drinking water like we are a species that need to submit to something more intelligent than us. And I say that that's God. I really do AAA came to that understanding and revolutionize the world with it by saying there is a power greater than me that I need to submit to No, Greater truth is ever been set. So if we're relying on her own wisdom about what is spiritually right and wrong what is spiritually right and wrong we saw what the world does with medical and and social and things like that. We saw that that's obviously we missed the ball on that one. We're swinging and missing on that one. How much more important should we submit to the wisdom of somebody else about spiritual things because spiritual things are Eternal sick person and speak to them about spirituality and you would swear that they had a PhD in theology. Everyone's got this very elaborate theory of what God is an about what spirituality is and whether there's a heaven whether there's a hell and what happens after death. It's amazing. It's stunning the level of and it's because of the context we live in and what has been bred into us in the last 50 60 years. There is a tremendous arrogance in us that we think what we think is right and it doesn't matter about anybody else. That's why you see so many splits happening in churches because there was not a willingness to submit never mind to each other which was the Bible tells us we should be doing but there's a very precepts of the faith that we profess. and based on the human track record. Maybe we should try to listen to somebody else and it's there's something we need to hear. You know, we may may not be right after all we may need to submit. Does somebody else's idea of how things go? And this be like I said, this me Priority is come into the church in a very strong way. You know, I've rarely heard anybody when they were thinking about going to a church. I have rarely ever heard anyone say about going to a church they say, well, you know what I want to go to that church over there because let's say just use it as an easy reference. It's a small church I can help because I have some talent and some giftings that I can help them. I can help them grow. I've got some finances they probably need cuz there was small church and I can help them and I'm going to help build the kingdom of God. How often have you ever heard anybody say that about going to a church? I've never heard it in my life. I've never heard it most of the time what we hear is I want to go to that church because it has music. I like it has a Sunday school. I like it has a youth group. I like it has something I like very rarely. Are you going to see anyone say I'm going there because I conserve that's and I mean, you know how hard it is to get people to serve in church. Now, I will say this about this church were a little walking Miracle when it comes to the amount of people willing to serve we are very very fortunate that homie mentality is coming from the world. It's infiltrating us. It does. It's just this isn't let's talk. This is just maintenance because you and I live in the world. So we would be a little bit naive to think that we're not in some way affected by that when it's pounding us every day through TV and media on people so we have to do maintenance to meet this is a little bit a maintenance. So in a world of having me and what I want Obedience to something else really has a fight on his hands obedience is a tough thing to get going in any situation. Never mind. The church obedience is easy when we agree with each other. It's when we don't agree and when we don't agree with God and don't say that you haven't disagreed with God because we all have disagreed with God when he is said I want you to do this and we hesitate and we fight and we stepped back and some people just actually never do it. So Obedience in the Bible is a very big issue All Through the Bible. It's very big and it made me think of people who go to bootcamp when soldiers go to expressly Marie, but when soldiers go to boot camp in boot camp, what they try to do is they try to eliminate you as an individual. They try to beat it out of you. They really do they try to get you to completely be devoid of what you think. And all you do is listen to the commander. That's it. If he says run into a hail of bullets, you're going to run into a hail of bullets if he says charge you're going to charge and it takes a lot of work if you know anything about a basic training and especially with the Marines go through if you know anything about that, it takes a lot of work to beat that out of a human being

I'm not saying it's right because it turns you into a monster. But they have to have monsters on war on Battlefield. You have to behave like a monster in order to survive because it's much it's monstrous. What happens over there? So but the idea and the principal is the same that we as Christians are in a war. But you and I are in a war when you walk out that were even in a war in here. I mean just as trying to live together as a war in its own. But going outside and dealing with everything upside man. We are in a war there is something out there that wants to kill you wants to kill you psychologically wants to kill you physically emotionally mentally and spiritually we are in a war and when we walk out into their we better be able to submit to a higher power than our own thing and the world's thinking and it's a tough thing to do we say we do it we say we obey God and we submit to God but do we really it's a mentality and it is a willful choice and it's not always easy and you grow in that you will grow in it. I will grow in it. We're all hopefully growing in it but in this day and age where I see so much lunacy happening in the world and where are social structure in the principles in the priorities of our world are changing right and wrong is being so mixed up. Light and dark is being so mixed up that we really need to be a bang something other than our emotions worldview what even may seem right on so many levels in in logic sometimes God asks us to be a logical and we need to be able to obey John 14. Jesus said this he summed it up. He said if you love me obey my commands actually there another translation says if you love me, you will obey my commands which bags because everyone says will what commands

Well, yes, that's right all of them, but the core basic fundamental command that Jesus talked about is in Mark and you must love the Lord your God with all your heart all your soul all your mind and all your strength. Will there's a Lifetime right? They're learning how to do that. The second is equally important love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than me. So what is loving your neighbor look like well looks like turning the other cheek. It looks like going the extra mile when somebody that asks you to do something and then you say they say I can you help me put my door on okay, I'll put your door on and then you realize that they still have a bunch of work to do around the door in just a while. I'll help you with that too, especially when you don't really get on with that person.

That's the kind of going extra mile that is being talked about their Every Blessing our enemies this takes obedience. This is not come to us naturally and I just believe what God is trying to say to us today is make a fresh commitment to obedience in our life make a fresh decision that we're going to do this. We can't rely on what we think when it comes to our spiritual walk because it will get us in trouble. It really will. Peter did something which is really interesting. Loop 5428 and this is the first time Peter bumps into Jesus will actually know Peter did hear Jesus talking around Galilea Galileo's not a big place and Jesus started his ministry there and Peter was a fisherman there. So Peter would have heard Jesus. He would have heard about him. He would have heard him speaking and that... Loop 548 when he Peter had finished or Jesus had finished speaking. He said to Simon now go out where it is deeper and let down your nets to catch some fish Master Simon replied. We worked hard all last night and didn't catch a thing. But if you say so I'll let the next down again and this time the Nets were so full of fish. They began to tear a show for help brought their Partners in the other boat and soon boats boats were filled with Fish And on the verge of sinking when Simon Peter realize what it happened he fell to his knees before Jesus and said, oh Lord, please leave me. I'm such a sinful man this incredible thing. He obeyed Jesus even though fishing in the daytime with pretty useless because in those days the Nets were very thick and the fish could see the net they just swim around that and they keep on going at night. They can't see the net. That's why they fished at night. So he's going this is going to be useless today time. We fished all night. Nothing. So Peter had a pretty good reason based on his logic based on what he knew about his life and how to run it that what Jesus was saying was lunacy, but he chose he he took a chance on it and he chose to obey And that small active obedience resulted in Peter's conversion and the start of one of the great great great Disciples of the New Testament that simple Act of obedience that went against everything that Peter thought was the right thing to do wanted to do he was tired. He didn't want to do it, but he did it a small thing. It's not the big things. I heard a guy say years and years and years ago. He said you will climb a mountain for Jesus you will go and collect all this food for Jesus and you'll driving around the city you'll go and you'll clean the church and you'll do all these things and everything, but you won't forgive your brother and sister or you won't you won't make a phone call to somebody and make their day good. He said you'll strain at a gnat and swallow an elephant and what this says to me is that it's the small things that make the difference. It's that little okay. I'll go and do this. I'll tell you if anyone squirms out of their discomfort and goes and obeys Christ in a small thing. Get ready for a big reward a big reward God then that's something you need to understand God rewards obedience. He rewards it. Don't don't think that it's just some blind thing done. When we obey God especially in those small things. That's the stuff. We're God goes. We'll look at him. Look at her look at this and then Angels going to action spiritual things start moving. The second time this happened to Peter is very interesting. It was at the end of Jesus's Ministry and by this time Jesus had been crucified and there Peter was where Sea of Galilee he went back fishing. It's all I knew how to do. His watch it kicking in again. We pick it up in John at Don Jesus was standing on the beach, but the disciples couldn't see who he was. He called out fellows. Have you caught any fish now? They replied then he said throw out your net on the right hand side of the boat and you'll get some. So they did and they couldn't haul in the neck because there were so many fish in it. You think something sparked computers mind? You think some Peter said wait, I've seen this before and then someone said this is Jesus and Peter jumped out of the boat put his clothes on and jumped and swam to shore because he knew it was Jesus. Can you imagine the wonderful he did this before? That's Jesus. And then again in this case Peter had good reason not to obey you fished all night. Nothing happened. He was tired. Never mind the fact that he was discouraged. Jesus was gone. I don't know what may have happened in your life. I don't know what Great Expectations you may or I may have had on other ones other, but the great expectations for your life. That you woke up one morning and realized it look like it was over and it wasn't going to happen. This is what happened to them. They have three years of unbelievable crazy crazy times with Jesus seen people raised from the dead but seeing fish feed 5000 people seeing just crazy things. And all the sudden he's dead he's dead. With no great explanation not like Jesus sat them down and explain the whole thing to them before. It happened. He didn't he just told them I'm going to die, but I'll come back if you talking about. I don't know what he's talking about. So Jesus is killed and they are they are they don't know what to do. The only Direction they were given was go to Galilee that Jesus will meet them in Galilee. So they wander off it's quite a walk from Jerusalem to Galilee. They go up there. Can you imagine the state of mind they're in they don't know what just happened with the last 4 years just a joke. Was it some kind of weird thing because her all kinds of potential messiah's floating around Judea at that time. So here he is. He's totally discouraged totally. And he says, okay. I'll I'll do this one little thing.

and all the sudden he turns into one of the greatest disciples that the New Testament has ever seen. so it's interesting that Jesus and God this morning. Maybe just asking us to do a small thing. You may be just asking us. To obey just in a small way. Or he may be asking us to really take a look at our life and take some inventory of our life and say are we walking and Disobedience? Because you know what, he'll tell us a question like that unless you want the answer he will show us very clearly and he doesn't show us to condemn us. He doesn't show us so that it can in some way make us feel like we failed that's not what he's doing. He's saying I want to do this because I want to get that out of the way so I can come in. That's all it is. It's just what's get rid of this. Well, here we go again. Let's get rid of what's clogging the pipe and I guarantee you you on some level me on some level. We are walking and Disobedience to God. Sometimes we know it sometimes we don't and God's gracious and he blinks the eye because of the mercy of Jesus Christ in our life, but there is a point where he goes now, we're going to take a look at this now. We're going to see and it's at those point that we really have to be open to say, you know, what God. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you know, maybe I do need to do this. Maybe I do need to change the sir. Maybe I do need to whatever it is that God is saying I guarantee you that God's not doing it so he can point your failure. It's so that he can reward you with a greater life than you had before it. This is what it's all about. This is what our loving father wants to do. He wants to bring it to a place where we allow more of him into our life and it usually comes through obedience. Peter didn't recognize Jesus on that beat. You didn't recognize him and he did it anyway, and and he trusted someone who knew nothing about fishing. Jesus knew nothing about fishing as far as Peter was concerned and this guy on the beach. We didn't recognize he didn't know anything about fishing either. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith that somebody just might be saying something to us. They may not know anything about it, but we do but they do know right and wrong and they're trying to lead us. Sometimes we have to listen to people we don't want to listen to very often. That's who God will speak through Our spouse very often people. We don't want to listen to it X. But they're dead, you know for the most part my wife's never been wrong. I mean, is that on tape? The fact is she may have said it wrong. She may have set it at the wrong time. But none the less when I look back at all the things that she's ever told me over the years. She was right. And if I would have had just a little bit more humility and a little bit more a little bit less pry and a little bit less insecurities and a little bit more trust that God was speaking through my wife and two other people. I would be in a different place. I know for a fact my life is not where it could have been because I did not listen at times I got is taking me back to it said if you if you would have here if you would have right here things would be different. God is gracious. You got the perfect will of God and then you got the allowable will of God. And the Bible's full of both those things and thankfully God has the allowable will in our life that he'll work with what we give them. He's very gracious but he does demand obedience at times where we have to say. Yes. So what's God asking us today? And that's for the Holy Spirit to show you and to say to you because it's a it's a time. It's an opportunity today coming to church we could just say something really nice and easy and make us feel good and thank God for their time to church really to be honest with you. But sometimes God wants us to really know that there's change that's needed in our life. And if we're willing to make those changes beautiful wonderful things are going to happen in our life. God came so that we could have life to the fullest and there's your sitting here and I know God is speaking to you about what it is specifically he wants you to change what he wants you to give over to him what he wants you to surrender you to start doing Not Grievous. It's never beyond our ability. He will never ask us to do something is beyond our ability. It make Crush are flashing. It may really challenged our ability to understand God's voice is pretty clear and it doesn't matter your age doesn't matter. We ain't finished you we are not finished yet. So father I pray today that you speak to us in that special mysterious way that you do. And father that you show us the areas that you want us to come into a greater level of obedience during this time of prayer and fasting for this church as we have committed ourselves to the cleaning of the pipes. So to speak and that father God we want to get us out and you in in our life and father we ask and understand that you forgive us, but this is not about condemnation. This is about Liberation. This is about you freeing us up into greater measures of the life that you died to give us. So father right now. I pray for us here today at Holy Spirit as you were speaking to Hearts here today showing us things that you are putting your finger on. I just pray father everybody in this place that we would have that willingness to say. I agree with you God. I will be obedient to that father and I will trust you with the results of this father for those that are having that experience right now. I pray that you Holy Spirit which strengthen them would cause them to know that they are loved beyond their ability to understand but that you were also calling them to a higher righteousness and a better holiness. Father we thank you for that. For those that are feeling that today just put your hand up a Xanax to the spiritual realm that you are receiving what God is doing in your life father. You see the hands, you know, what is happening here. You are doing it. So father I speak cleansing I speak forgiveness. I speak father God the mighty hand of your cleansing Spirit to go across your people and a supernatural strength to come into those who put their hand up as they just in the spiritual realm if we could see what was going from us up to God, it would be an incredible picture but bother you see it and we give it to you today because we know you are a good God. You are a faithful God. You are a loving God. In Jesus name. Amen. Amen. God is good a

so walk with that this week and God will continue speaking to you about it. And also how many know Jeanette who always gets there. You know, Jeanette God bless Jeanette Jeanette's in the hospital. Probably not going to make it her kidneys have failed and I went in to see her last night. She is an amazing amazing person. I don't know if you know what but she has no legs from here down. And she's been walking on on both like she's been walking on stumps for what 10 years now or more something like that, maybe less if you know anything about that, it's extremely painful and my father had something like that and it would get it would rub against the the prosthetic and it would get very painful and sores and stuff is really painful and then you but phantom pain on top of that, right? She would wait outside her house on Gottingen or wherever it was. She moved around quite a bit in the snow or the rain. She would come out of that house. Wait for someone to come pick her up and bring her to church. The church was open Jeanette was here and she would come in and I'd say in the morning. How you doing today? So the pain is something. She lived a very very very difficult life. And to see her last night on her way home. Boy, she's got a crown waiting for her. When so many will not and I I don't I don't want to be slanderous about this. But when I look at somebody like that who who will go through that to be in church? And you see in today's age were so many people maybe once or twice a month they come to church and I know it's a it's a sign of the times and the Risen apathy but might have a chance to see Jeanette going home. It was a privilege to pray for her last night and there with her family around her and it looks like she's going to be going home very soon. So father we just pray for Jeanette. We thank you for the wonderful testimony that she is been in this church for so many years from New Life Center days to now, you know, the incredible struggles that she struggled with and you know, the many times she came in this church wanting us to pray for an uncle or brother or her daughter. Father I just thank you that we were blessed with Jeanette. I thank you for her testimony and I look forward to seeing her and heaven when she's dancing with full legs full hell and I pray her passing be peaceful. In Jesus name. Amen. Amen. So I'm Kenny.



That's a good point Kenny. You can't have obedience with sociability. It is just not going to happen and without again. I don't want to be so negative on society in life. But boy, oh boy. We have a severe lack of humility in our world. And it's one of the the signs of a degraded Society is that there's no humility. And and were called to be a humble people. And it's not easy. I don't say it's easy. It's not but it's something God's calling us into because he wants to reward us with what you militi will bring. So it's a good point Kenny. Thank you. We have the AGM after church next week just to remind you that we will have that coffee at the back. They say hello back slap a bit love each other all the pieces and we'll see each other next week. Love you too, buddy.

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