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The Greatest Tale

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This book (hold up Bible) is bursting forth with incredible stories. If you’ve grown up gathering in church with the people of God you may know many of the stories within. Right now, in the Fields’ house, two stories are really popular: Moses’ and the burning bush and David and Goliath.
Hearing these stories all our lives we’ve grown accustomed to the five pebbles and the massive Israelite killer, the bush that burns but is not consumed and the holy ground Moses’ treads upon. On our best days we’ve asked “is there something in these stories that I should copy or avoid? Is there a truth about the triune-God that I should notice? How does this story apply to me?” On our good days we’ve asked these solid questions.
But one thing that we certainly could improve on is seeing how each of these stories: Creation, Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, Noah and the Ark, the Call of Abraham and so on fit into the larger tale, “The Greatest Tale” that God has been telling and is most certainly still telling.
Maybe one of the most powerful things that you could hear from God this morning is that your life, your tale, your story - is actually a scene, a line, a part of God’s story - His tale that He is telling. That is our goal this morning. That we would see how our life and the wonderfully true tales from the Bible fit together to tell “The Greatest Tale” ever told. Let’s go to the Lord in prayer.
In the beginning God created () everything. Like an artists He created the universe, the heavens and the earth, to tell all about His () goodness, and strength, and love, and kingship.
And God made Adam and Eve ( & ). They were happy people who knew their God. They walked with God in the garden (). They worked joyfully for God in the garden (). They loved each other and their God ( & ). It was a wonderful time to be God’s children in God’s world.
But things didn’t stay cheery long.
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