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Does Anybody in the Room Have a Light?

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March 10th, 2018 while laying in the bed studying this passage of scripture. The word light was stuck in my mind. As I meditating on the significance of this text for my life there was an unction in my body to go to the light switch in my bedroom and turn it on. I could here in my spirit listen as you turn the light on. If the ushers would help me I want to invite you all to experience the epiphany that i experienced when I did this. i want you all to listen as we turn the lights on. (ushers turn the lights on). Did you all hear it. I didn't either and something says try it again but this time I want you to really listen. (ushers turn the lights on again). the second I said i must be crazy I’m listening for the light but i cannot hear a thing. Then something says try it one more time and this time close your eyes and listen hard. (ushers turn the light off and on again). I became frustrated laid back down and then it downed on me the significance. I like most of you was listening with my physical ear but God was trying to get me to listen with my spiritual ear. So I began to question God. I said God I didn’t hear a thing when the light came on. In my spirit I heard God reply “i Know”. I said well what was i supposed to here. Then I heard in my spirit “Nothing”. It was then that i learned a significant lesson that I want to share with you about a light bulb. This is deep get ready. Light does not make a sound when it shines it just shines.
The point of light is to be seen . Jesus teaches his disciples that you are the light of the world. Many times the world hears our mouth but they never see our light. Its funny because now i get out of the bed and i’m hoping to hear something as i turn on the light anything to argue with God like my mother stated once too many times Brandon you will argue with a stop sign. I flip the light on and it was confirmed to me that light really does not make a sound it just shines. I was hoping to hear it complain that I was flipping the switch too many times. Nope Nothing. i was hoping to hear it say its too dark in here take me out of this dark room. Nope Nothing. All it did was just shine. In fact I cut it on went down stairs fixed some chicken thought it would get tired and shut off but when i walked back in the room belly full from the bird i found out it was still shining. Because I was home by myself i began to yell at the light. I said Light you better stop shinning in this room. The light ignored me and kept shinning. I had the nerve to cuss at the light I asked the lord to forgive my language but the light paid me no mind. it kept shinning. I talked bad about the light said i would replace the light but it kept shinning. As crazy as it sounds as foolish as I looked as long as that light was connected to the power source all it was going to do was shine whether I liked it or not.
God has called his people to be a light in a dark world. the world may talk about you but keep shinning, The world may cuss at you but keep shinning, the world may threaten you but keep shinning, because as long as you are connected to the power source you don’t have to worry about threats all you have to do is shine. This question is not for smokers its for christian’s does anybody have a light?
Point One
Notice the context of the text. Jesus has taken his disciples to a mountain and as the crowd gathers around Jesus does not teach the crowd this information the text says he teaches his disciples.
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