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Healing Love

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Once was Blind But Now I See.

In the Old Hymn Amazing Grace, this line appears. It has two meanings. Physical Blindness and Spiritual Blindness. This song is mostly about the spiritual blindness.
Our text today is about the healing of physical blindness.



Does anyone here knows what it is like to be blind?

Does anyone here knows what it is like to be blind?

Savannah’s eye issue.
Journey with our kids can be scary. Cutler’s Autism

Ian’s Story


Instruct everyone to

See through the Eyes of a Blind Man

Reread with Message Version ask everyone to close there eyes

35 He came to the outskirts of Jericho. A blind man was sitting beside the road asking for handouts.
36 When he heard the rustle of the crowd, he asked what was going on.
37They told him, "Jesus the Nazarene is going by."
38 He yelled, "Jesus! Son of David! Mercy, have mercy on me!"
39 Those ahead of Jesus told the man to shut up, but he only yelled all the louder, "Son of David! Mercy, have mercy on me!"
40 Jesus stopped and ordered him to be brought over. When he had come near, Jesus asked,
41 "What do you want from me?" He said, "Master, I want to see again."
42 Jesus said, "Go ahead - see again! Your faith has saved and healed you!"
43 The healing was instant: He looked up, seeing - and then followed Jesus, glorifying God. Everyone in the street joined in, shouting praise to God.

Physical Healing verses Spiritual Healing

God gives us the Healing we need. Spirit is always more important to Christ than physical healing.
We read of dozens of healing. There were likely others who were not physically healed. But were physically healed instead. Jesus did these things to show others the Power of God. To invoke praise and joy. Because of these healings, many others were healed spiritually.

What do you need to be healed from?

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