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Claim Him, Name Him and Worship Him

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Claim Him, Name Him and Worship Him


17:18 Epicurean Epicureanism was a system of thought that asserted there was no connection between people and the divine. This belief was expressed in a desire to seek contentment and satisfaction and to avoid pain and discomfort.

Stoicism was an essentially pantheistic system of thought that prioritized logic over all other faculties

17:19 Areopagus Meaning the “hill of Aries.” Aries was the god of war in Greek mythology, who is called Mars in Latin. This was the name of a location and also of the civil and religious council that met there.

17:23 To an unknown God This unknown god demonstrates the lack of clarity and certainty in Athenian philosophy. They freely admit there could be a deity they are unaware of.

1. Claim Him
Search for him:

search for God People have a desire to seek God, but their sin confuses their understanding.

people have a desire to seek God, but their sin confuses their understanding. we are unable to claim him because we refuse to let go of our preconceived notions; today God is calling on his people who have erected alters but ignorantly worship at the alter without knowing who they are worshipping to stop awhile and examine their hearts. sometimes we come to the church believing that its the only place we can truly worship God.
My brothers if you claim to worship something that we do not know then it is true that we fall into the same category of the ancient Athenians who will argue and fight over something they have never experience or understood.
Be intentional in your search for him
2. Name Him:
put a face to the God you worship
Example: Your new born child
3. Worship Hi
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