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Some Thoughts on 2 Timothy 4

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Some Thoughts on 2 Timothy 4

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Intro - Background.
Paul’s last letter. Mist over eyes. Immediately preceding Paul’s death. Timothy is likely in Ephesus and Paul is almost all alone, seems like Luke is the only one with him. We come most probably the last words written by Paul before his return.
Seems like Paul is ‘settling’ his accounts. He has been exhorting and encouraging Timothy in his leadership role within God’s kingdom. Before coming to his final, and haunting words. With this we come to verse 9. Ill be reading from the NLT.
1. Come/Learn to forgive your Demas’s and your Alexanders.
People will desert your
Demas appears in and . A co worker and friend of Paul. Deserting him in his time of need.
But, Paul prays that their desertion will not be counted against them (see. ).
Beautiful way to handle that.
My experience being limited yet sharp. Mum leaving.
Paul presents us with a challenging yet beautiful way of dealing with people who desire this world over God and his ways.
Obvious parellel with the disciples deserting Jesus.
Come/Learn to deal your Alexander the Coppersmiths
We all have these people. People who are intentionally difficult and make our lives miserable. Boars in God’s vineyard
Come/Learn to thank God for your Onesiphorus’
Never forget these People who come and make your life better. God has given them to us as a rest.
Don’t be like Job’s friends ()
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