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Facing the Enemy

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v. 1-5 = 57:7-11 - Praising God for His unending love
v. 6 is the connecting verse
v. 6-12 = 60:5-12 - Praying that God would keep His promises and give him triumph over the enemy
These words are repeated but they must be for a reason.
This repetition is not vain as the Pharisees were guilty of.
It would be lazy to always use the same prayer towards the Lord but there is something to be said for these truths being repeated in sincerity.

Sing God’s Praises among ALL People - v. 1-5

v. 1 fixed = steadfast, established, permanent
starts where 107 ended, God’s steadfast love
David is saying that we should worship even in the battle, while engaging the enemy.
my glory = tongue, intellect, musical or vocal skill
It is my glory to be a saint and no more a rebel. - C.H. Spurgeon
v. 2 Only when a thoroughly enraptured soul speaks in the instrument can music be acceptable with God: as mere musical sound the Lord can have no pleasure therein, he is only pleased with the thought and feeling which are thus expressed. When a man has musical gift, he should regard it as too lovely a power to be enlisted in the cause of sin. - CHS
lyre and harp = two stringed instruments common in temple worship
The Psalmist woke early to praise God
His spirit awakes within him to praise the Lord. May we be lively in worship.
v. 3 No people of the earth, heathen, discouraged, hateful, loving could stop the Psalmist from singing.
peoples = people groups outside of Israel 96:3 among the heathen
nations = God’s unending love extends to all people
nations = God’s unending love extends to all people
Do not leave the Gospel at home. Take the praises of Jesus with you everywhere you go.
v. 4 God’s mercy extends to ALL people.
His mercy pours from heaven as abundant rain.
His mercy and truth are visible but go far beyond what our eyes can see.
v. 5 God’s praises should be as greatly broadcasted as His mercy and truth.
above the heavens = God is above all fame and power
David desired that All the earth know God’s mercy. (non-exclusive) “That all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.”
Pattern: It is best to begin worship by exalting God, then voicing our prayer after we have sung the sweet sounds of His grace

Claim God’s Promises - v. 6-9

v. 6 David prays on behalf of his people for deliverance with urgency.
save = deliver from real problems
answer me = please answer my plea, asking for a response
We can pray with boldness when we are praying in God’s will for His glory.
v. 7-9 David quotes God’s Word and promises
v. 7 God had made a covenant with David to bless him. He prays as if God has already delivered him.
holiness = sanctuary
The enemy had to be purged from within Israel.
Shechem = a city of Manasseh 65 miles north of Jerusalem where God appears to Abraham and builds an altar, burial of Joseph’s bones, Joshua recording in the Book of the Law, the land God desired for Abraham to get to
valley of Succoth (shelters) = east of the Jordan River where Jacob builds a house
v. 8 He recites what God has already given him.
Gilead = mountainous region east of Succoth
Manasseh (Joseph’s son) = parcels of land on both sides Jordan, the land Moses gave to the children of Gad, Reuben and the half tribe of Manasseh
Ephraim = this tribe was used to bring David 20,000 valiant man to battle, tribal parcel west of the Jordan between Manasseh and Benjamin, Joshua is buried, blessed by God
Judah = the law could only be rightly given from here, southern kingdom including Jerusalem
We should remember all that God has delivered to us and pray that the Gospel will be furthered in the hearts of men as it has been given to us.
v. 9 God would cause Israel’s rival to become their footstool.
scepter = associated with the royal line in Israel/Judah that would go through David and ultimately be seen in Christ
Moab = east of the Dead Sea, southeast of Jerusalem which was an enemy of Israel
washing pot = the land of God’s enemies belongs to Him and He uses them like furniture in His palace, however He desires
Edom = David would cast his sandals on them, fortified Petra, south of Dead Sea, descendants of Esau, rivals with Israel just as Jacob and Esau (even though they made peace), Edomites assisted Babylonians invading Judah
David did not need to fear his rival. God would conquer them and he was assured of the fact.
Philistia = on the coast of Israel west of Jerusalem, oppressed Israel throughout history, Saul and David gained their reputations by defeating them
David had conquered the Philistines before and was assured that he would do it again as he had that time.

Rest Confidently in God’s Strength - v. 10-13

v. 10-13 Transfer from worship to military leadership
v. 10 David was so confident that God would conquer the Edomites that he asked, seemingly in faith, who would lead them in.
Obadiah spoke of the Edomites who were lifted high in pride and questioned if anyone could bring them low.
v. 11 David trusted God even when it seemed that God had cast them off.
When darkness veils His lovely face, I rest on His unchanging grace. In every high and stormy gail, my anchor holds within the veil. - Edward Mote
God rescues and does not reject His people, the remnant will return to the Promised Land
We can rest assured that God will lead us in victory over the enemy.
v. 12 Earthly help was useless, only supernatural power would do.
man’s help = human military strength
6 Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying,
Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit,
Saith the Lord of hosts.
The Holy Bible: King James Version. (2009). (Electronic Edition of the 1900 Authorized Version., ). Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.
David asks for deliverance but is already assured of victory.
We pray in faith, with assurance that God will deliver.
Psalm 50:15

And call upon me in the day of trouble:

I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.

v. 13 God brings the victory and fruit is shown in our life as God does valiantly (courage, strength) through us.
v. 1-5 Sing God’s Praises among ALL People
God brings the victory and we praise and glorify Him for it.
v. 6-9 Claim God’s Promises
v. 10-13 Rest Confident in God’s Strength
In times of darkness, be joyful remembering that you already have the victory in Christ.
Rehearse (make a list) the victories that God has given you.
Remember that, in Christ, your future is bright and victory is certain.
There is NO situation that God will not deliver you from or give you the strength to endure.
If you do not have the certainty of victory, have you repented of sin and placed your faith in Christ alone for salvation.
You may be able to muster up what seem to be little victories (moments of “illumination” in God’s Word, good reads, spiritual posts) but they are all vanity if you have not received the gift of salvation.
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