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David has come to fight against Goliath
He has prepared
He has weapons with him
But now Goliath looks at David
David is seen by Goliath
And the Bible says that he “disdained” David(tuchchha Thaanyo)
He looked down on David
And the Bible gives us 3 reasons
Because he was a youth(ThiTa maatra thie)
Ruddy(raataapiraa) - healthy
A fair countenance(sundara cheharaa bhaeko)
These are not bad things
They are actually good things
The Bible says that we will face this as well
In the last days...
Perilous times(sangkatpurna samayaharu) are coming
2 Timothy 3:3 KJV 1900
Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
People see righteousness
And call it sin
People see humility
And call it pride
People see help
And call it hurt
They will see truth
And call it lies
They will see light and call it darkness
Goliath saw good
And call it at
But it was called evil!
The enemies of Christ
Hate righteousness
They hate light
They hate good because it exposes their (kholnu)
In the dark, they look okay
Among evil men, they are okay
But the light shows the truth!
They disdain(tuchchha Thaanyo) good

Youth shows opportunity

While we have remaining breath(saas)
We have opportunities to serve the Lord
We have opportunities to honor and worship the Lord
Satan’s plan for all men is death
Goliath was not young
His death was near
Seeing David’s youth made him angry
Don’t forget that your life is an opportunity
Tomorrow is an opportunity
To fight the devil
To do right
To honor the Lord!


David’s cheeks(gaalaa) were red
He was healthy
Men of war(yudDha) did not often have good health
They had injuries(choT-haru)
They had wounds
They often did not eat well
Goliath did not like to see a healthy(nirogi, svastha) warrior(yodDhaa)
Satan doesn’t like to see a healthy Christian
When a believer is full of faith(biswaasle barieko biswaasi)
When a believer is full of the wisdom of Gods Word
When a believer is praising the Lord
When a believer is full of humility
Satan despises that
He despises(tuccha sambhkanu) our red cheeks!
"Nothing sets a person so much out of the devil's reach as humility."

Fair Countenance

Fighting men, warriors were not beautiful men
They had wounds
They had scars(khata-haru)
Sin leaves scars
Serving Satan will give us scars
We can always come to Christ
We can always follow the Lord
God will give forgiveness
But the sin we leave behind leaves scars
I want to be a beautiful Christian
I want my spirit to be beautiful
Spirit of faith, obedience, humility, love, grace
A beautiful testimony for Christ
Satan hates a beautiful Christian
Like Goliath hated David.
Satan and the world hate the things of God
But let’s continue in these good things!
Thank the Lord for the opportunities he gives us!
Be a healthy Christian!
Be a beautiful Christian!
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