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Tired of Church!!
How many of you can relate with the author in the very first chapter?
He said that he was looking for something to satisfy him inside, and at first he threw himself into church! He was was there every time the doors were open.
That didn’t work so he ditched the church and then threw himself into causes, and accolades, and chased after prestige. He turned into the big man on campus!
Everyone thought I was the happiest man on campus. But the life I was living was hell.
Thomas Aquinas said that “there is within every soul a thirst for happiness and meaning”
I was tired of Church!!
But then he met a girl in college, who was both pretty and smart. She seemed to have something that he wanted and when he asked her what it was that she had, she said.... It is Jesus
Separating Christianity from Religion....
He found out something that most people never get.... The message has never made it 18 inches from the head to the heart!!
Christianity! Ha! That is for unthinking weaklings, not intellectual. Of course under the blunder I really wanted what these people had.
Christianity is not a religion. Religion is humans trying to work their way to God through good works. Christianity is God coming to men and women through Jesus Christ.


The Bible was written over a span of over 1500 years
Written in 3 different languages: Hebrew; Aramaic; and Greek
66 Books in the Bible but reads like one book from start to end
Written by over 40 different authors from a diverse a background as you can imagine
Written by Kings and peasants, by dignitaries and prisoners, by tax collectors, farmers, fishermen, prophets, priest and carpenters.

If the Bible wasn’t written by divine inspiration how do you think that this many people from so many different continents, speaking different languages from different time periods in history, who did not know one another; How could they have combined their books together to read like one book?

We have more copies of scripture than any other work of antiquity
See Chart

Why do you think the name of Jesus Brings an end to most conversations?

You can bring up God, the name of Muhammad, Buddha or Confucius, but when you bring up the name of Jesus people get mad, embarrassed, or just want to end the conversation.

What makes Jesus SO Different?

These other religious leaders didn’t claim to be God
Research Journal. Below are the results of his research:
It didn’t take long for people who Jesus to realize that he was making outstanding claims about himself.
Author Work Date Written Earliest MSS Time Gap Number of MSS Homer Iliad 800 BC c. 400 BC (400 year gap) 1757Copies Herodotus History 480-425 BC 10th C 1350 109
Jesus was presenting himself as the only avenue to salvation and the only source for the forgiveness of sins
Sophocles Plays 496-406 BC 3rd C BC 100-200 193
For many Jesus claim to be the One and only , Unique Son of God is just too exclusive.
People don’t want to believe it, but the issue is not rather we want to believe it, but what did Jesus claim? And was his claim true?

THE Name Jesus means “ Jehovah Saviour” The Title Christ means “Anointed One”

Scripture where Jesus is named God:

; ; ;

Scriptures for Jesus being self existent

; ;

Jesus recieved Worship when it is forbidden for anyone to be worshipped other than God

; ;
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