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The Calm Before the Storm

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A Portrait of Jesus at the time of His arrest

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Introduction: Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the mastery of it. Today’s message is the Calm Before the Storm. There was a great storm looming on the horizon for our Lord. He had just held the last supper with his apostles and sent the one away that was about to betray him. He has now gone to the garden of Gethsemane and has taken Peter, James and John with him to pray . They can’t stay awake to see the anguish that Jesus is going through. We see in Mark that he begins to become troubled and stressed out. He falls down and cries out to his father, that if this cup can be taken then do it. Luke describes his sweat became like blood. Jesus was not looking forward to this at all. An angel came and strengthened him and he arose. At this point Jesus mastered this fear of what was about to happen. He needed every ounce of strength to face what was about to come.
Each one of the Gospels gives us a glimpse into the events that unfolded that night. Today we will look at all of them to give us a clear picture and understanding into the courage that Jesus had to stand and face the enormous task that was before him. This was now the calm before the storm.
There are 3 Certainties that we can see took place in the Garden that night

There was Power displayed at the arrest

A. Expound-

had power to perceive

Knowing all things...
Jesus knew he was going to be betrayed. He had already predicted it to the apostles.
He knew who was going to do it
He knew when they were going to do it.
It was no surprise to him that 600+ men were coming to the garden
tells us he knew who was behind this…Satan

power to control the outcome

Since he knew full well what could happen, he went out a ways to meet them
He didn’t run or hide like they expected
He was fulfilling a promise that was made in Chapter 10 when he said “no man taketh my life from me, but I lay it down myself”
He wanted to make sure scripture was fulfilled and none of the apostles were harmed
His boldness and confidence was so surprising they didn’t even recognize who he was.
The word Nazarene was an insult and Jesus had enough…So he answered and confirmed who he was

had power to knock down a whole roman cohort with just his words

Exploring the Gospel of John: An Expository Commentary 2. The Comprehension of Jesus (18:4–9)

Had Caesar summoned all his legions from the remotest outposts of his empire and hurled them in iron ranks against that “Nazarene,” the result would have been the same.

Exploring the Gospel of John: An Expository Commentary 2. The Comprehension of Jesus (18:4–9)

They would have gone backward and fallen to the ground. The Lord had already declared, “No man taketh [my life] from me, but I lay it down of myself” (10:18). He now demonstrated that claim to be true

B. Application
Exploring the Gospel of John: An Expository Commentary 2. The Comprehension of Jesus (18:4–9)

Jesus again answered with an I AM. The Greek is ego eimi The term is used nine times in John (John 4:26; 6:20; 8:24, 28, 58; 13:19; 18:5, 6, 8). The Lord clearly laid full claim to the divine, ineffable name. They said, “We seek Jesus the Nazarene.” In other words, Jesus said, “I am—that is, I am Jehovah.”

B. Application- So then why do we doubt? Why do we worry? Why do we try to control something we have no control over?
The same Jesus that was met by 600 men and knocked them down with a few words is the same Jesus that watches over us today.
This is the same Jesus who knows our needs before we do
This is the same Jesus who wants to have power in your life. You just need to get out of his way and let him do it.
The same way he cared for the apostles lives, is the same way he cares for your life
C. Illustration
Transition: Not only can we be certain about the power displayed in the garden at the time of the arrest but we can also be certain that

There was Passion shown at the arrest

A. Expound- Never think that our saviour was just a gentle lamb. He was passionate about doing the Father’s business here on earth. We saw it in the temple. We saw it with Lazarus and we see it here. He wasn’t the only one that showed passion.

Judas showed passion in a negative way-

How smug he must have been walking up to the garden.
His greeting was one of the biggest hypocritical lies the world has ever known. But it was passionate. In Vincent’s book:

Kissed him (κατεφίλησεν). The compound verb has the force of an emphatic, ostentatious salute. Meyer says embraced and kissed. The same word is used of the tender caressing of the Lord’s feet by the woman in the Pharisee’s house (Luke 7:38), of the father’s embrace of the returned prodigal (Luke 15:20), and of the farewell of the Ephesian elders to Paul (Acts 20:37).

50. Wherefore art thou come? (ἐφʼ ὃ πάρει). The interrogation of the A. V. is wrong. The expression is elliptical and condensed. Literally it is, that for which thou art here; and the mind is to supply do or be about. The Lord spurns the traitor’s embrace, and says, in effect, “Enough of this hypocritical fawning. Do what you are here to do.” So Rev., Do that for which thou art come.

Peter showed passion in a negative way

Peter showed passion for the protection of our Lord. his passion was misplaced and rebuked.
12 legions of angels… but Christ knew the cup that he was to drink from and wanted nothing more than to do his fathers will

Christ had a passion for all the ones there.

Not one did he want to see be doomed to a devil’s hell
Christ came to save those who were lost. Even Judas all the way up to the very end he called him friend.
Even when putting the ear back on the right hand man of the high priest.
B. Application
There are many times we are like Judas
We hang out with Christ when it’s convenient or when certain friends are with us and others we come to him with a kiss on the cheek and spit in the face of our Savior. We trample all over his name and take for granted the precious blood that was spilt for us.
There are times when we are like Peter
We pull out our sword and try to defend our savior, when all he needs us to do is stay awake and out of the way. Listen and obey his word instead of blindly swinging a sword and upsetting the enemy.
He doesn’t need your help saving the lost, what he needs is your obedience and total commitment to doing what he has called you to do
C. Illustration
Transition: We have seen the Power, the Passion, but you can also be certain....

There was Pain at the arrest

A. Expound ;
This wasn’t physical pain, that is to come later. This is emotional pain:
The pain of betrayal
Recall that he had to wake up his inner circle several times while he was praying only for them to fall asleep again
The kiss from Judas, who he knew would betray him, but still loved anyway
Up to the very end he tried to pull him back to God, but Satan had control of him
He felt betrayed by the men in the synagogue- I sat daily with you
The pain of abandonment
He felt abandoned by the disciples- then all the disciples forsook Him and fled
All of the sudden after he attached the ear of Malchus the soldiers grabbed him and his closest friends on this earth ran
At this point he had no one left to turn to
B. Application
You need to understand today that when you sin, you are just as guilty as the men who arrested him and the men who left him alone
You sit with him here in the house of God, the temple if you will, and still choose to disobey the word of God.
You still choose to hear the word but not listen to the word.
If these people had listened and not just hear they would’ve known who Jesus was
Our choices sent the mob out to the garden, our choices, sent him to the trial, our choices sent him to the cross, but it was his choice because he loved you first that he went!
We can’t sit idly by anymore and ignore who Jesus is and what he has done.
We have to be faithful in applying the word. that means producing fruit.
We can’t abandon Him because he didn’t abandon us. God deserves our very best.
Conclusion- There will be a storm in your life. It’s not always going to be easy. Look at your life today and put yourself in the Garden. Where would you be. Would you be on the side of the mob, selling out because it’s what everyone else is doing? Would you be in the Garden with Jesus? Are you a sleepy disciple, are you one who will run away because life is scary? Jesus willingly allowed them to take him in because he had you personally in mind. How much more can we do to show our love for Him. Will you commit today to give your life to Him. Will you trust in Him today or will you hear his words and still walk away empty? Will you have the courage to face your fears and have mastery over it today. Let go of the pew and come today.
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