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The Real Deal Concerning Trials

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What Authentic Faith and Spiritual Maturity Looks Like!

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Fixed Disposition Of Joy! V2
Count- Take Inventory
Joy- Anything that causes cheer and dispels gloom
Who is to have joy? All Christians!
When Am I to Have Joy?
*I am to have joy when I encounter trials! Not an Option
Various Kinds - Trials will come in all shapes, sizes and colors!
2. Determine that you are tougher than the trials! v3
Know- to have knowledge about something through experience and observation.
steadfastness-the power to withstand any hardship or stress especially the inward fortitude necessary!
God is making me tough!
Trials exist ........
To prove us —
To perfect us —
To purify us —
To prepare us —
(a) Touches us
(b) Teaches us
(c) Toughens us
(d) Tenderizes us
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