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Cuffing Season - Who are you Dating?

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Who are we cuffing ourselves to in relaitonships

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· New Series – Cuffing Season
· In the wake of Valentines Day
· Definition: the term used to describe the period during autumn and winter months in which avid singletons find themselves seeking to be “cuffed” or “tied down” by a serious relationship
· Urban Dictionary: When done with ulterior motives, it's the time women trick desperate men with romantic inclinations to get gifts and guys 'date down' to get gifts from desperate, grateful low hanging fruit.
· Dating Unlocked
o Equip you for the relationships in your life
· Some of you are here cause someone cute invited you to Vertical
· Cause we KNOW y’all Sliding in those DM’s here at Vertical
· We have all experienced “Cuffing Feelings”
o As time goes on… your standards drop
o Start swiping right a whole lot more
o Physical and Relational
· I want to talk about Cuffing as it pertains to you and I
· While I’m preaching you can…
· The Bible talks about Cuffing Season actually
· 2 Corinthians 6:14-15
Don’t become partners (yoke yourself) with those who reject God. How can you make a partnership out of right and wrong? That’s not partnership; that’s war. Is light best friends with dark? Does Christ go strolling with the Devil?...
Illustration. Types of people we cuff ourselves to.

1. Dead Weight

a. Carries around baggage
b. Always pulling you down
c. Tires you out
d. They have no future
2. Who you date reflects what you believe about yourself
a. You have a purpose
b. You are called
c. God has something greater for you
d. You have a plan

3. Distraction

a. Pull you away from your goals
b. Pull you away from God
c. You ever gotten distracted by something?
i. Homework and suddenly you are on IG?
d. Distractions establish themselves as the most important thing in your life
i. You might be Dating a Distraction if you say things like:
ii. “They are the only thing I care about”
iii. “They are the most important thing in my life”
iv. “I can’t live without you”
e. Distractions divert the path to your Purpose

4. Delay

a. Right Person Wrong Time
i. There is no current reality of a future with them
ii. You both need to work on yourselves
iii. You both might have some baggage you need to take care of
b. We have to become The One before we can ever find The One


1. I was in a relationship in high school
a. Secret
b. DM’ed her on Facebook
c. First Kiss in Firehouse Subs
d. She was super sweet
e. Our visions in life were different
f. Pulled me off the path of my purpose
2. Maybe you have been pulled off the path to your purpose
3. Psalm 119:105
a. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
4. Jesus is the word
a. Only through Jesus will we find our path
5. You can have a relationship with Jesus toda
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