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The End of Sin and Everlasting Righteousness

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Daniel sees the Work of the Messiah

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Messiah will bring an End to Sin (Dan 9:24)

Explanation: As mentioned last week, Daniel is burdened for his people as the end of the 70 year captivity nears. () Gabriel is sent by God to give Daniel understanding as to the future events that will affect the Jewish people after they return to the Land. (Remember, Daniel has already seen glimpses of the future in the earlier visions (chapters 7&8), and he knows his people are going to go through some difficult times before God sets up His kingdom on the earth.
Gabriel’s answer to Daniel encompasses much future terrain, especially as to the time of the End, but it is vital that we see the big picture without getting lost in the details. Gabriel informs Daniel that “seventy sevens” are set aside for dealing with the nation of Israel. While there is no unit given, most understand that, in context, the unit of years works better than regular days, weeks or months. Moving forward into exactly how the 70 sets of 7 years are to be understood is where the details come in. These 4 verses are among the most debated in the entire Bible, and the time schemes derived from them are legion!
Before discussing the various time schemes of the 70 weeks with any sense of detail, one should take another look at the big picture. The big picture is that Daniel is given an amazing truth that we not miss: the coming of the Messiah!
Argument: The six-fold prophetic truth contained in verse 24 is majestic on a grand scale. The first three truths deal with the effects of sin, and the amazing truth that it will be dealt with in a final way.
To finish the Transgression: may refer to the truth that upon the Messiah’s return, the remnant of the Jews will turn to Christ, never to transgress the Covenant of God again.
To put an end to sin: The return of the Messiah will bring world-wide peace amongst the nations, and there will be no more sin under His rule
To atone for iniquity: almost all commentators agree this speaks to the Crucifixion. It was on the Cross that the Messiah paid the sin debt of the world and once and for all time covered sin.

The Messiah will bring in Everlasting Righteousness ()

Explanation: The first 3 sets of the six deal with the end of sin and its effects, but the second set deal with the positive effects of the ministry of Messiah
To bring in everlasting Righteousness: Through the finished work of the Cross, Christians receive the imputed Righteousness of Jesus (). This is a personal righteousness which justifies the sinner. While our imputed righteousness is eternal, the prophecy speaks of a greater scope
To seal vision and prophecy: This phrase has some differing thoughts as to the precise meaning. Some take it to mean that Daniel’s prophecy will be sealed or shut up, until the end times when it becomes more understandable. Others see the phrase referring to the end of such things. When Messiah returns, He will personally be with His people and there will be no need of prophecy or visions.
To anoint a most holy place: This phrase also has many different interpretations. Some have it refer to Messiah Himself being anointed by God (The Baptism of Jesus), while others have it refer to the anointing of the Temple. With the Temple, some consider to be when Jesus was presented in the Temple when He was 8 days old, but others refer it to the 4th Temple of the Millennial Kingdom

The Messiah will come in fulfillment of Prophecy

Explanation: This is where the time frame of the 70 weeks are unfolded. Depending upon which decree is used for a start point will determine one’s understanding of the fulfillment. See the handout for information on the three decrees and the 4 major thoughts on how to interpret the 70 weeks.
Argument: If one views the 70 weeks as literal weeks, divided into the three subsets of 7 weeks, 62 weeks, and then 1 week, then an understanding of two separate Advents becomes clear - to those of us on this side of the Cross
Jesus did come in fulfillment of prophecy, and His life and ministry are seen in the pages of the Old Testament. However, we should be humbled by the completed canon we now have. Those alive in the time of the Savior were somewhat confused as to why they were not seeing certain aspects of the Messiah - His reign and His rule.
The prophecies of Isaiah (see espec.
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