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Going through the desert of life

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The desert where God has us is like the desert of Sinai where there are lots of mountains and you can't see far where you are going. You can only hope that God will provide around the corner. The desert is a place where there is very little to no shade. The sun is likely to hurt you, but God is saying he will be your shade. Gid makes the desert possible to be crossed. He doesnt make it easy, he just makes it possible. But in doing so he teaches us to rely on him, he ahows us his power, care and protection, he teachea us that it is by gia power that we have arrived in the promised land, not by our on abilities.
In the dessert he has us close to him, he keeps us safe when we rely on him and he sees himself in us, the apple of his eyes, those whom he is face to face, so close that he can see his own reflection in our eyes.
God took Jesus into the wilderness. It is in the wilderness that we are tried and tested.
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