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Bible Discussion Questions for each book of the Bible

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Old Testament

Book of Psalms


1. How would you summarize what David asks God for in this psalm?
2. What is the reason for David’s confident security in verse 8?   
3. Choose a key word, key phrase, or key sentence in each stanza of this psalm.


4. What patterns and principles does this psalm offer for teaching us how to pray when we’re in serious trouble?


5. If this psalm was the last Bible chapter you read before you died, which words from it would you most like to be lingering in your mind as you said goodbye to this earth?
Topics: Bible, Blessing, Character, Dedication, Desires, Evil, Example, Faithfulness, Fruit, Joy, Peer Pressure, Promises, Protection, Punishment, Righteousness, Sin, Spiritual Disciplines, Unbelievers, Wisdom
Thomas, Mack. The Complete Bible Discussion Guide: Old Testament: 001 (Kindle Locations 6983-6988). The Crown Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.
Open It *When has peer pressure influenced your attitudes or actions? What’s most important to you about your friendships with Christians? How do you think you would feel if you were not allowed to attend church? Explore It *What activities does the righteous person avoid? (1:1-3) What is the theme of this psalm? (1:1-6) *How are the righteous and the wicked different? (1:1-6) *What are the main points the psalm writer makes in this poem? (1:1-6) How does the psalm writer connect delight and meditation? (1:2) What does a righteous person do a lot? (1:2) What does the image of the tree tell us about the righteous person? (1:3) In what way is a righteous person rewarded for being righteous? (1:3) What differences are there between righteous people and unrighteous people? (1:3-5) What differences are implied by the references to "tree" and "chaff"? (1:3-5) How are the righteous described in the psalm? (1:4-5) How are the wicked described in the psalm? (1:4-5) What consequences do the wicked face? (1:5) What role does the Lord play in relation to the righteous and the wicked? (1:6) How do the futures of the righteous and the wicked differ? (1:6) Get It What does it mean to meditate on God’s law day and night? Why is Christian fellowship important? What positive ideals does this psalm encourage us to follow? *What does this psalm teach us about spiritual discipline? In what sense does a righteous person "prosper"? What image or mental picture would you use to describe yourself? What activities should you avoid because of your desire to be righteous? Whose company should you avoid and why? How can we demonstrate our delight in God’s Word? What kind of "fruit" should we yield? *In what specific ways does this psalm encourage you to seek righteousness? How have you experienced the Lord’s protection in your life? Apply It What specific steps can you take in the next few weeks to demonstrate your delight in God’s Word? What concrete action can you take to avoid an unrighteous behavior? *What righteous attitude or action would you like to cultivate in your life over this next week? Adult Questions for LESSONMaker.
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