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Rooted Part 5-Circumcision of Christ

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vs 9 In Him: fullness of God in a human body
vs 10 In Him: we are filled with the fullness of God in our human bodies
vs 11 In Him: you are circumcised (the circumcision of Christ)
What is circumcision?
a sign instituted by God to represent a covenant between the Abram and God that God will bless them and move through his future generations
Already by Moses it became a metaphor “circumcision of the heart”
How does it relate to Christ
Paul picks up the metaphor utilizing the circumcision of the heart -performed by the spirit- that marks a person as belonging to God
In Christ alone are we marked as belonging to God
This separates Christ as both superior and unique
He is indeed the true covenantal bond between God and man
The only way of salvation is affirmed in a million different way throughout scripture rooting our eternity and life in Christ
What is the circumcision of Christ?
The putting off the body of the flesh
This cannot be done with human effort “not made with human hands”
Combined with biblical metaphor of the circumcision of the heart we see that Paul is using circumcise as a transition from the old life into the new life
How does it relate to us today and how we are to be rooted in Christ.
In Christ is all that we need to conquer the flesh and become the new creation “restoring what humanity was meant to be”
no amount of rules or disciplines will provide for you what Christ provides for you
though this does not mean that we are not to have any sort of discipline
This circumcision begins Paul’s teaching on how we are to share in the life of Christ as Christians
that is to be little christs’ (Christian)
The next verse discusses being buried but before being buried a person is killed.
This death is the circumcision of Christ
We conquer our flesh by dying to ourselves or abandoning our personal interests for a life that prioritizes others above ourselves
insert reference to counting the costs of following
insert die to self
insert change in desire to pleasing Christ as the foundation to serving others
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