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Self-Righteous People

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5 Self-righteous People
The Jews were self-righteous people. They depended on the Jewish ceremonial laws for salvation. From we learn that even today many pin their hopes for salvation on the works that they do rather than on what God has done for them.

A. The Pride of These People—vv.

1. Pride—v. . Are the Jews better in the sight of God than the non-Jews? See , . All are equal in His sight.

2. Provision—v. . The Jews were the first to receive the gospel of salvation—. This does not mean God loves the Jew more than the Gentile.

3. Problem—v. . Because the Jews were unfaithful does not mean God isn’t faithful—.

4. Personality—v. . God is truthful even when all others are not. Christ is the truth—. God does not lie—; .

B. The Problem of These People—vv.

1. Folly—v. . “If our sins show how right God is, what can we say? It is wrong for God to punish us for it? (I am speaking as men do)”—NLT. He is righteous in all ways—.

2. Fairness—v. . He will judge in a fair manner— (“The books were opened.”) Note also God’s book of remembrance—. No excuses will be accepted, no exceptions given. He will have the evidence.

3. Foolishness—vv. . “If my lies honor God by showing how true He is, why am I still being punished as a sinner? Why not say, ‘Let us sin that good will come from it.’ (Some people have said I talk like this.) They will be punished as they should be”—NLT. If we call ourselves Christians, we should depart from all sin—.

C. The Personality of These People—vv.

1. Sin—vv. . Both Jew and Gentile are sinners—; ; .

2. Slothful—v. . No one understands or seeks God. God looked down from heaven to see if any sought God—.

3. Stubborn—v. . They chose to go astray. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked”—.

4. Shame—vv. . Unprofitable people:

a) Throat—v. . Deceit. Cf. .

b) Mouth—v. . Cursing and bitterness—.

c) Feet—v. . Shed blood—.

d) Ways—v. . Destruction and misery—.

e) No respect—vv. . No peace or honor—.

The Pharisees had a form of religion but didn’t know God in a personal way. They fasted, prayed, paid tithes, but these were outward manifestations only. They did not have God in their hearts—. Religion and deeds will not save man. He must be born again—.
Croft M. Pentz, Expository Outlines from Romans, Sermon Outline Series (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1980), 10–11.
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