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The Lord Will Provide

Can you pass the test   •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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God wouldn’t be trying to test you if he wasn’t get ready to bless you
Once you pass the test he can trust you with his blessing.
he want to know see can you handled what you already have before his open other doors. Can you still honor him with what you got
Are you willing to sacrifice something you love and not withheld. Sacrifice proves your true intimate worship with God. What was suppose to died lived
Since you were willing to offer your only son I’m gone multiply you with multiple children as the stars in the sky. I blessing with blessings that cannot be numbered as the sand on the seashore when you dedicate to me. I will provide
God turned the situation around and added to Abraham life because of his obedience and now the nations shall be blessed because of Abraham obedience. Sometime the favor on our life come from our ancestor obedience and not withholding and thing back and he has granted generation from generation because of the matriarch of the family that was will to sacrifice their family and instead of death God spoke life service to
God will bless you and then turn around and test us with that same blessing to see will it hindered you from him
Make sure we don’t have anything hindering us from seeking God wholeheartedly especially with what he has given and provided
Abraham didn’t make a god of his son. How devoted are you to God. How often do you intervene with God. Your actions will reveal your heart no matter how you try to keep silence and pretend
What is in your way that’s hindering you from the faith
Abraham offered his son Issac in response to God’s command God the father offer his Son Christ, as a sacrifice for sins
We don’t have to offer anyone now but ourselves. But give our bodies to God has he has done for you. A living sacrifice holy and acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him
Sacrifice- offer, gift. burnt offering
Ultimate Sacrifice- To give everything you have to save someone or something that you hold most dear. Requires that you give yourself, in order to provide them sanctuary.
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