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March 4, 2018 - Words or Works? John 10:22-42

Understanding Stages of Faith  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  42:20
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31-39 JESUS THE DEDICATED ONE (THE HANUKKAH ONE?) March 4, 2018 40-42 WITNESS OF JOHN, REMEMBER YOUR BAPTISM OPENING THE PASSAGE 22-30 THE FATHER AND I ARE ONE TAKE OUTS Questions for Home Group: March 4, 2018 Words or Works? John 10:22-42 These questions are only guides. You may go other directions based on the Bible passage and teaching as well! + This takes place during the extra-Biblical (remember they only had OT) The smaller groups in our church community are inside our homes where we go festival of Hanukkah. What does Jesus attending and using this nationalistic deeper, build friendships, and walk out the Christian life with each other. festival tell us about our engagement with our culture(s)? HOME CHURCH/SMALL GROUP/CLASS GUIDE + Jesus claims a oneness with the Father in v. 30. Elsewhere, he is report- 1. “Breaking the Ice” question: (group facilitator) ed as saying “if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father”. What does this say 2. Check-ins: What’s been happening in your week(s) since last meeting? Introduce about the role of Jesus in the Christian spiritual path? Unpack it as a group. yourself if new/new people in group, check in with each other 3. Care: Needs in the group; name needs and have sentence prayers (short + Jesus prays later in the gospel of John that we would be one as he and sentences/open ended, not long-winded) at end of the gathering time the Father are one. We do not become God in our essence, but in our mission 4. Compassion: What compassion work is the group planning? Are you inviting we can be united to God now. What does unity of mission with God through your neighbors to join? Jesus mean to you? Are we living as answers or continued sources of this 5. Group Announcements (church-wide and group-only) prayer? 6. Dig in: Any reflections, discernments, disagreements from last week’s teaching (or since you last met)? Look at the Bible passage(s) again and read + If you were listening to Jesus as a first century Jew, do you think you’d some of them out loud in the group (and other verses that may have been be more like those in verses 31-33 or those in 40-42? mentioned). What jumps out at you? Discuss some of the questions as a group. 7. End and Homework: Final questions, prayer huddles for personal requests. + Why, what do you have to gain or lose by embracing or rejecting Jesus’ Consider breaking into small groups (huddles) of 2-4, by gender, if large claims to be “one with God”? What kinds of concerns or anxieties keep us enough. from looking fully at Jesus and believing in all that he is for us? Prayer Requests this week: + Jesus appeals to his works as an onramp to belief in him. In what ways can we learn about the role of works in living our faith AND using them as an invitation to believe in Jesus? Explore this ‘works as on-ramps’ theme. How can this also go sideways or wrong? + If you have time, explore Psalm 82. + What else is the Spirit bringing to your attention in this passage?
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