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The Lord is My Banner

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Theme: If God is for us who can be against us.


A. Our culture today does not think of the word “banner” as the Bible


  1. We think of banners used at sporting events or at various celebrations.
  2. We don’t necessarily think of a rallying point for a nation in battle.

B. In this lesson we shall see how the Bible portrays God as the Banner of

His people.

1.      What the phrase meant to the Hebrews.

2.      How the Lord is our banner today.

I. The Meaning – the Lord is My Banner

A.     Background.

1.      The Amalekites: Descendents from Esau’s grandson (Amalek). Gen. 36:12

2.      These people lived in the land of Canaan while Israel lived in Egypt/wilderness.

3.      Additionally, the Israelites had been slaves for many generations…they had zero experience in battle.

B.     God, through divine providence, brought the Amalekites to war against His army-less people. Exo. 17:8-16

1.      Moses had Joshua to choose men to fight against the Amalekites. V. 8-10

2.      When Moses’ held his hands (with the staff) up, Israel prevailed, but when he hands let down the Amalekites prevailed. V. 11

3.      Thus, Aaron and Hur stationed helped Moses to keep his arms help up and Israel overwhelmed the people of Amalek. V. 12-13

4.      God has Moses to “write this in a book as a memorial.” V. 14

C.     The altar named “The Lord is my banner.”

1.      Moses created an altar so they could render sacrifices of thanksgiving to God for their victory.

2.      These sacrifices of thanksgiving was to let all Israel know: “The Lord is for us”

3.      Additionally significant: the Lord swore He would fight against those whose hand was against Him. V. 16

II. How the Lord is our Banner Today

A.     Without the Lord we have no strength.

1.      We are like the children of Israel…without God…we have no possession that belongs to us. Cp. Eph. 2:12

2.      Our cries vainly go unheeded until we seek the Lord Himself and voluntarily come under His control. 1 Pet. 2:9-10

B.     If the Lord is for us who can be against us? Rom. 8:31 (Psa. 118:6)

1.      Thus, I’m willing to fight for my Lord…and fight under His control. Eph. 6:11ff

2.      I’m committed to the Lord our God…pledging allegiance to Him.

C.     Ultimately, because the “Lord is my banner” – I belong to the Lord!

1.      You can hold him high in your hands for all the world to see.

2.      You can take strength knowing that He is there to fight our battles on your behalf…if you trust in Him.


A.     Without the Lord we are nothing and have nothing.

B.     With the Lord as our God, however, He is truly “our banner.”

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