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Sharing God's Heart II

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Second half of Sharing God's Heart

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You can’t just invite someone to church

Joining a local body of believers is absolutely helpful to walking a life with Christ, and there are certainly people at church who can help you share and articulate God’s love to people. The waters should be primed before you get here though. Ideally you’ve already shared what God has done in your own life.

Faith is Personal

Your story is your story…you can share it, but people need their own experience.
Don’t be afraid to do life with people
What do I mean by that? Jesus didn’t call us to isolate ourselves away from people who don’t know Him. Don’t be the obnoxious person in the office that gives Christ followers a bad name. Be the friend who listens, and shows God’s love. Don’t be afraid to let God change people…without your help. Be SLOW to give advice. Let me say that one again...

Be SLOW to give advice

When you’ve built up a relationship…people will ask you. Until then, be very cautious and slow to tell others how to live their lives. ESPECIALLY non-christians. Ways to show God’s love:

Ways to share God’s love

Say positive things
Be the “nice” person
Be genuine
Let’s pray.
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