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Stephan and Lise Krueger - Prophetic Word for New Day - 06/08/2013

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Stephan and Lise Krueger give a Prophetic Word for New Day in June of 2013.

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Prophetic Word for New Day Stephan and Lise Krueger, June 2013 Lise I’ll start with sharing about my dream. I think it was the beginning of this year that I had a dream about Stefan and I and Scott and Stephanie. And in my dream we were visiting you and we were still in your old house and we were all sitting on the couches and Stefanie you just started sharing your dream. And as you were sharing your dream, you were super excited because you had a dream and in the dream you saw these golden orbs and then after you’d had that dream you shared it with Scott and these orbs of gold started to physically appear. And that was just so exciting. You wanted to share this dream with us too and as you were sharing this dream with us we could see these golden orbs appear in your door step and there was one really big one and there were smaller ones starting to appear in line with the big golden orb. And they started to form and there were more and more that were coming. I believe those orbs really represent the church and the bigger one I believe is the current church that is alive and the smaller ones are, I believe, churches that are going to come forth out of your first church plant. I really believe that there is a lot of glorious things happening and going to happen and I believe also that the reason why we got that dream is because we believe there is something that is imparted, that as you have been walking this walk you actually create faith in our hearts for similar things to start happening. So I’m really, really grateful for that. Stephan As soon as I closed my eyes I saw a globe spinning and start spinning and spinning and spinning quicker and quicker and quicker and I heard the Lord say, “locally, globally, locally, globally, locally, globally,” and it was like what happened locally would affect globally. And I started seeing things being sent out and going around the world and some of it was CDs some of it was books. I know you guys do the streaming thing and like, when you open up the magazine on the airplane and you see all these lines that go from one airport to another airport to another airport, I saw these lines going up and touching down in a circle and then going up and touch down going up and touch down and I felt that the Lord was saying there will be some church plants even now that are starting to happen where people are congregating around the computer and actually listening to you on the internet. And some of the churches you will not even plant, they will just happen because people will listen in to the different church services and the one that you are actually sending out at the moment, but there will be more and it will create a network of churches and will in some ways be a new way to plant churches and a new way to establish things and there will be other ways to do that too. But I just saw God using that and a network extending that is very local but very global at the same time and it just didn’t stop. It just did not stop. It was like it was going. Because it was also connected to the internet there was no difference in how far it could go. Because it’s all linked together and obviously I know we gave you a word about a movement and sending out people and planting churches and you going to different places and helping with stuff and that is happening I think at the same time or you know it’s not one or the other I believe both words will happen. Lise I started asking last night about the two of you and the first thing I saw was this huge really, really big thunder cloud and you know it’s when in the atmosphere there’s a really big difference in pressure and the high and the low and I believe that you are a couple that has really learned how to connect the high places with the low places and have met people where they might not have been very familiar at all with the kingdom realities. There is a gift inside of you that God has really been establishing to engage anyone into the reality of heaven and there is so much fruit because this big thunder cloud, it’s just a really good thing. It’s full of light. It’s full of the power of God. It’s full of rain and I just see that there is going to be a release and I feel like it’s not going to be that far down the line – a release of the rain of God just pouring down and pouring down and pouring down and it’s something people have been craving for and hungering for and crying out for and it’s going to happen. And I don’t think it’s going to be that far down the line. There’s a real gift in you for bringing the heavenlies down to earth and to release that among the people. I believe that there is travel coming for you. I believe that there is going to be invitations for you to travel to many nations. I see Asia opening up. I see Europe opening up. I see Africa open up. Actually I think every continent really is going to be accessible for you guys and I believe that there is going to be an increase of itinerate ministry coming for you and it’s going to be the right thing in the right timing. I believe there is going to be financial blessing with it too. It’s not going to be a burden but it’s going to be a joy in your heart. You’re going to be received well by people and when you go to places you will release something new. It’s almost like that thunder cloud that you’re going to take with you. You know, also thinking of the cloud by day and the fire by night, there’s a significance in that and maybe something to even ask the Lord more about that but I believe that as you go to these places and are being invited, there’s going to be a release of that and there’s going to be a reality that people are going to enter into that is new for them but that they really get to tune into and there’s fresh things that you bring with you wherever you go. And yeah, it’s a good picture. I also have the sense that there’s going to be communities that are going to be inviting you. It’s not necessarily just churches, but there are going to be communities that are going to welcome you and I don’t know if it really looks like missions or if it’s tied in with actual just ministry. I think it’s all kind of just going to work together and there’s not going to be that big of a difference in your hearts because you’re just going there where the Lord sends you and miracles are going to happen and life is going to spring up in those places. Stephan I was asking the Lord again about these church plants that will happen through the internet and I felt that you will start getting emails saying, “You know, we are a New Day Church you never met us. You never heard from us, but we have listened to your podcast or watched you on the internet and are you guys doing the school online for everyone accessible?” I think you will start seeing more and more of that even if you put it on for free or whatever you will do. I feel like you will start having people say, “You know we went through your training. We’ve been part of your church.” There are some churches who do that and have people start donating to the church that is sending out the video and they say, “We feel part of this church.” But I feel like because of who you are it will be different. They won’t be like “Yeah we feel connected to Knightsville in that sense that we are part of that church.” It felt like there are churches that are being established – not just people who feel like they are part of the congregation – but people who feel empowered to be a church, to be a community. I had that thought also when Phillip went to Samaria and revival started happening and the apostles heard about it and were like we should have a look at what’s happening there. But I feel like there will be great peace that will be with that and this is happening all over the place. It will start with 1 and 2 and then there will be more churches that will just start happening and you will be like, “Ok this is God. This is His hand and I feel there will be a great peace and rest that will come over you guys in that and in knowing that it is God who’s establishing these churches. He is using whatever you guys are doing and multiplying it supernaturally and, like there was in Samaria, there will be great joy that will come with that and knowing this is spreading and nobody can stop it and I believe it will be in many different nations.
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