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He Can Make You Clean

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Jesus is the source of our spiritual cleanliness

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What’s the dirtiest you’ve ever been? I remember growing up playing recreation league football, when one night we had a game in a rainstorm. You can imagine how dirty we might would get on a well manicured field, but this was a field for kids and it was not always in the best shape. It had little holes in it that seemed to appear only when it rained. We played that game in the rain and everytime you hit the ground it seemed like you landed in a mud puddle. I’m surprised that my mom let me ride in the car to get back to the house, rather than strapping me to the roof! When we got home, she made me change in the garage and head straight to the shower!
Perhaps you can recall a time when you’ve been soaked to the bone or covered in unmentionable filth. But the thing about all of these occaisions is that a shower will fix you right up and make you good as new.
However, imagine having a disease that there is no cure for that manifest its ugly head on your skin and all over your face. Imagine finding that all of society despised you for it and would ostracize you and keep you at a distance. Imagine in one day going from the discovery of this disease to be torn from your family and put into an isolation colony of others who were perhaps further along than you. You could see your future in their distress. You could no longer be around family for fear of spreading the disease. You could no longer shop in the market or go to church. To make matters worse, you discover that people think that it is your fault for contracting the disease. You must have done something wrong! God is punishing you for your hidden sins and revealing it on your face and all over your body!
That is the nature of leprosy. Today we are going to look at an encounter that Jesus had with a man whose life was ruined by this terrible disease and how Jesus cleansed. We are going to look deeper into the man’s story and discover that Jesus is not only the Great Pysician, but He is the source of our spiritual cleanliness. We are going to see that “He Can Make You Clean Again!”.
Read Text. Pray.

1. Jesus has the power to cleanse you (v.12)

“full of leprosy”
begged - he was desperate
He never questioned whether Jesus could

2. Jesus has the desire to cleanse you (v. 13)

Application: Do you have the obedience to be clean? (vv.14-16)

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