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Walls of Fear

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The enemy throws up walls of fear right before our greatest breakthroughs. So, do not be afraid!

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Series Recap - EZ37 shout out, bringing what is dead to life
Series Recap
Life Update: Struggle with fear has flared up
What I’ve been learning: Right before our biggest breakthroughs, the enemy throws “Walls of Fear” at us.
Not physical walls, mental walls
Right before something amazing is going to happen, he wants us to change the way we think. So that, we will miss out on what God has for us!
What I find to be funny, we never wake up in the middle of night with a random Hope Attack, you know like an anxiety attack
Transition/Summary: So, tonight I want to share some of my own personal encounters with these, what I’ll be calling, “walls of fear.” As well as, sharing how one of God’s greatest prophets gave in to a wall of fear, and what we can learn from his story.

Share the Kelvin and Levi story (Give MM back story)
Wall of fear: I’m not good enough, I won’t succeed
The breakthrough: We met a man who had been waiting for men from God to be sent to him and join their church

Main Point: Do not be afraid, and fear no evil!

Bible Story/Passage

Recap of the story and where we are in Elijah’s life
Wall of Fear: Death
The reality...What Elijah didn’t know:
What Elijah didn’t know:
1. He wasn’t the last prophet, like he thought he was.
2. He was never going to physically die, like he thought he would.
A great recipe for fear: Faulty Assumptions and The Great Unknown (TRANSITION)

Montana Story

Share the story of running out of water before the camp site
Wall of Fear: Running out of water
Breakthrough/Reality: Camp was right over the hill
Main Point:
Don’t allow fear to drive your decision making, allow the voice of the Lord to!
Don’t allow great winds, earthquakes, or fires to drive your decision making, allow the voice of the Lord to!
Don’t allow failure to drive your decision making, allow the voice of the Lord to!

My Current Struggle

Share about my recent flare up with the fear of death
Share about my inability to trust God with my fears
Share about my fear of thinking God was going to give me some sickness
Use the mountain illustration


“Do not be deceived dear brothers, every good gift comes from above, coming down from the Father of Lights”
God wants to guide us friends, but we have to trust him in the things that we can’t yet see…THATS CALLED FAITH
If only Elijah would have had more faith, he could have done many more amazing things for the Lord
Don’t get to the end of your life and regret not doing more because you allowed fear to dictate your actions
Share the ending to the story of kelvin
The Lord wants to lead us to green pastures, and don’t misunderstand what I am saying, I’m not saying there won’t be hard times, Jesus himself said in this life we will have trouble. What I am saying his have faith that where the Lord is leading you is good and better than anywhere else you could lead yourself to. Just remember, it took the Israelites 40yrs to reach the land of milk and honey God had promised them, only to be turned away for their lack of trust and faith in him. Friends, don’t be like the Israelites, HAVE FAITH AND TRUST GOD WITH WHERE HES LEADING YOU!
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