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Set Apart

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The Children of Israel had passed into the land of Canaan
The Children of Israel had wandered in the wilderness for 40 years
The Children of Israel had not circumcised their children while in the wilderness
Circumcision was a sign of being set apart
When the Children of Israel crossed over into the land of Canaan God wanted his people to renew the practice of circumcision to show that they were set a part from the people of Canaan; that they were indeed, his people.
God instituted circumcision among the children of Israel:
Since God instituted circumcision to show that his people were set a part
I. As a sign of separation between God’s people and those in Canaan.
II. As a reminder of their special place in God’s covenant
Today, God still desires for his people to be set a part from the world. He desires for them to walk with him as a part of his family.
Circumcision was required in order for the people of Israel to participate in Passover which was a feast to commemorate God’s deliverance of the Isrealites from Egypt. Being set a part into the family of God is required in order for us to be delivered from hell to heaven.
The way into God’s family is by trusting in the Lord. When the Israelites were circumcised in Canaan it showed their trust and belief in Yahweh. When we believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ and his work upon the cross we are set a part as a member of his family and are granted eternal life.
Would you like to be set a part as a member of the family of God? Then you must trust in the Son of God who died for your sins to redeem you back to God, the man Christ Jesus.
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