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The Impactful Life

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The Impactful Life


when we consider life we think of it from the perspective of accumulation and personal accomplishments. The life of the disciple however is different . It is a life of impact.
Proposition - When we choose Christ we impact the life of others

Dorcas was identified as a disciple

- disciple by definition means learner or student. In the context of Christianity a disciple is one who learns of Christ
- disciples are those who not only learn of Christ but also follow Christ that is to live according to Christ’s examples.
Dorcas was known as a disciple. People didn’t have to ask her if she followed Christ they knew it.

Dorcas was identified by her good works

this text is very helpful in allowing us to understand the nature of her character
She was “full of good works” don’t miss that.
it means that there was no limitation to the efforts of doing good.
she did all kinds of good things for all those she could help
she wasn’t ‘sometimy’ she was the same good person all the time.
she didn’t wait to Sunday to be nice
she didn’t wait until people were around to speak holy
she was full of good works

Dorcas was identified by her love for others

the text says, “and acts of charity” this phrase in the original language means something like “love displayed”
Dorcas did more than say I love you, she showed she loved others
she gave a way
she provided care for the widows
John 13
John 13:12 ESV
When he had washed their feet and put on his outer garments and resumed his place, he said to them, “Do you understand what I have done to you?


If when you give the best of your service . . .
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