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Give us this day our daily bread,

We know what the Lord’s Prayer is but miss the practical application in our life.
NT Wright 0 The Lord and His Prayer
JI Packer - Praying the Lord’s Prayer
Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes
John Ortberg - The Lord’s Prayer
Give Us - (Let the party continue) - complete fulfillment
- Parents would bring their kids if their kids - partying
Beginning of prayer - leads us to asking for bread
Allowing greed to get into grace - steam of conscience
Give - Supply what is neccesary
Us/Our - Same Pronoun - Reflection of the collective
this day - in the very moment - present
daily bread - Thick as your thumb - Bread is not broken - Cut
Portions of bread - Breaking of the bread - Needs
Bread for now - Promised
Today is the day of salvation - (2 Cor
Sustainable in life beyond the moment
Our needs to be satisfied (p.30)
Give us our daily bread
Never Struggling with basic provision - It is that provision that allows us not to worry - we can be in the moment
Successful - God’s measure for success
Later - Anxiety/Worry - Worry looks to different
- (If the Lord is not building it isn’t built in vain)
You can do nothing - Unless I’m in it.
If it is giving by God it is Sustainable - Abiding
Everyone can identify with a hunger for the soul - all you want to know is that it is going to be ok, want to know I matter, purpose - there is a striving inside
When you don’t depend on God - Antithesis
When you Hungry - The wider array of things will satisfy you … You eat anything - when you eat the right thing it kills the desire
cut off certain things - Fasting - It wasn’t sustaining you - Eat more of it
Contentment - : - Secret of contentment
Collective Contentment - Community of people - what we have is for us and for our community - Body - gifts are function
Breaking the Bread -
Contentment - Breaking of Bread - Jesus - 5000 - Communion
Vices come from lack of contentment
Context of the Prayer - Placing our focus before we are asking for anything -
“Our Asking needs to come out of our abiding”
Craving - Desires
Your Body many cries for water - What your body needs most is water
Anxieties - View Success - Followers on Social Media - Accumulated a lot of things and are not fullfillment - and that is how he set up his kingdom - not going away by anything you accomplish - they’ve been feeling it since they were 16
God himself being our source - Daily bread is about the here and now and tomorrow
We are trusting
Only God can satsisfy our deepest desires so we are asking for more of him
Provision - Intamcy sustains intensity of our faith
Your father knows what you need before you ask him
Bread - You are doing things - co-laboring
Understanding of what it would take to make bread
Making Bread - Theme - Kingdom Example
Dynamics - Faced disappointment yesterday - Your deepest need -
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