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School of Ministry Pop Quiz 2/23/18

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1. The term THEOLOGY is best defined as...
A. The Word of God
B. Biblical Studies
C. Study of God
D. Method of preparing a Sermon
2. A Theologian is a ...
A. A Person who studies Theology
B. Any and Everyone
C. A Pastor
D. A Seminary Professor
3. A persons Theology is based formed
A. In Community with other Believers
B. By personal Experiences
C. Alone with God
D. In prayer and Meditation
Fill in the Blank
4. A persons __________________ shapes his ________________________
5. The main purpose for S.O.M. is that we may all ___________________________
The Study of God
Everyone is a theologian
THEOLOGY is biblical
Theology is Systematic
Theology is done in the context of human culture
Sound doctrine is intended to shape and mold the people of God for life and service in the world.
False Doctrine Teaching that distorts or contradicts the revealed truth of God, causing division and distress in the church by leading people away from the truth.
Correct Doctrinal Beliefs are essential to the relationship between the believer and God.
Correct Doctrinal Beliefs are essential because of the connection between truth and experience
Correct Doctrinal Beliefs are essential because there are so many secular and religious systems that are all competing for our devotion
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