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The All-Important Question

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“The All-Important Question”

Who Do People Say That I Am?

The disciples gave various answers; the answers that the World gives are just as varied:

By their inactivity in worship Christian’s are saying:

We are not convinced. If we really believed that Jesus was the Christ, our worship would be much more faithful. It would become a priority rather than a convenience and we would truly care about those who are missing from our midst.
Our giving would increase, we would be looking for ways to help others in need, Our planning would include a careful look at others needs instead of our own and our witness would be heard instead of silent.

And the rest of the world?

If the world around us believed that Jesus was the Christ so many of the troubles we face would simply disappear. We would not be facing the horrors of abortion, Life would be deemed a gift from God instead of a curse or relegated to an inconvenience to be rid of. Orphanages would be a thing of the past and sexual abuse would disappear.
The world would not be petitioning to justify and parade their sinfulness as something to be desirable. They would see that Jesus death had meaning rather than make a mockery of it by their patent disregard for his sacrifice for them. Money would become a tool for serving others rather than a goal to possess and hold on to at all costs.

But the Disciples give the correct answer.

They have seen their Jesus in action

They have seen their Jesus in action

Heard him teach God’s holy Word and found the wisdom of God in his words.
Seen his miracles that were all “serving others” and not for self glorification. Observed the power of a merciful and compassionate God displayed through Jesus.

Their answer was: “You are the Christ!”

They had come to the conclusion that the one who was before them was indeed the promised Messiah of God.
Their whole lives would change as a result of this knowledge that God the Holy Spirit had revealed to them. They would no longer live for themselves but for their Savior and his kingdom.
Conclusion: The question Jesus asks is important for each of us to answer too. Based on your answer today, what will change in your life? May God grant his powerful grace to all who call Jesus The Christ. Amen.
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