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On Being God's People

Spiritual Jewels from Joshua  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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Four Traits of God's Real People

Notes & Transcripts

Trait 1: God’s People have a Healthy Appreciation for What the Lord Does for Them

and Rahab’s report
Application: God’s people should appreciate Him today.

Trait 2: God’s People Trust and Obey His Commands

The command that time was to be circumcised
Circumcision was the sign of God’s covenant with Abraham and his descendants
Circumcision was an act of faith when carried out in the shadow of the enemy’s fortress see
No uncircumcised person could eat the Passover

Trait 3: God’s People Celebrate the Lord’s Provision

He provided deliverance from Egyptian Bondage 10
He provided food in the Promised Land 11-12
He provided manna in the Wilderness 12
Application: We will celebrate the Lord’s Provision of Salvation by observing the Lord’s Supper 3-25-18

Trait 4: God’s People Acknowledge His Leadership

Joshua exhibited good leadership 13

Joshua exhibited even better followship 14
Joshua worshiped in the shadow of the enemy 15
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