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God created us for His glory!

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You know, there are a lot of things that have been invented over the years that we sometimes take for granted. We use certain items with no regard as to their intrinsic value, or as to why and how they were created to begin with. For instance:

It is interesting, when you look at the register for patents/inventions in the United States, from when they first began being recorded in 1790, there were an amazing 3 patents recorded at that time. By one hundred years later, the number of patents for inventions had increased from 3 to 25,308! Go forward another 100 years and the number of inventions had increased to 90,365. The registry showed that as of 2015, the number has grown to 298,407 with an another 589,410 patent applications pending!
MY point in showing you the slides and then saying this about the number of patents, is that there are many things that are invented by creative minds that we can recognize and use everyday!
Our lives are filled to the brim every day, with thousands and thousands of creative inventions that we use.
Some of these inventions we most definitely alter the use of, in order to suit another, specific need, right?
We could safely assume that most all of these inventions were made with the understanding that they will, somehow, improve the quality of our lives; that is, they will somehow make things easier, more efficient and streamlined in our daily lives.
And for most things, we know what they are and why they were made to begin with and we just use them without consciously focusing on them and their created purpose.
There are some things, however, that we come in contact with that we don’t have a clue as to what they are, or why are there.
And so, it is safe to say, that there are things that we get used to seeing and using that we never give a second thought to and never once stop and think about how and why it was made and of the person that made it.
I mean, honestly, when you pick up a device, or a tool or a cooking utensil, do you stop and think about its design and who made it? Do you give any thought as to how it evolved or came to become the object you are holding and if this is what its original creation was for?
For most of us, that answer is a resounding “NO”!
So, I wanted to revisit and look at a piece of creation that I believe, is the most overlooked and underappreciated and underutilized of all created things, in terms of its design and created purpose.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the “HUMAN BEING”!

Now before you think, “What in this world” is he talking about, when he says the “most overlooked and underappreciated of all created things? I, do not ever take for granted my health and how appreciative I am of the life that God has given me!”
Well, that’s not what I am referring to. I am specifically talking about the “WHY” part of the created being, not so much the quality or value, or longevity of the vessel.
Just as we looked at the pictures of the different inventions a minute ago and and we looked at what they are, we need to understand that each one of those was made with a specific function in mind, by its inventor (its creator), right?
Well, the same thing applies to every human being!
We were created with a specific function, a specific task, a specific goal in mind. Yes, it is true, individually we were created with unique gifts and talents, but I am referring to the overall reason, as a whole, that God created mankind!
I know that before, we have stated that God, OUR CREATOR, made us, with relationships in mind. A relationship with Him, first and foremost, but then with one another after that. This is true, but relationships are a secondary purpose to us, as His creation!
When God created us, as with everything else that He created, He did so with a specific purpose and in talking about our created purpose, ours is a very special and unique one.
We were created, not just for the good pleasure of our Creator, but also in His own image!
We recognize that when a famous designer or painter makes something special, they will make it with a unique insignia that bares their fingerprint; that is, it shows that they made it.
Well, our Creator did the same with us. Out of everything that God made, that has His fingerprint on it, or in it, we are unique in that we were made in His own likeness!
That to me shows how much He loves us! He gave us the gift of bearing His likeness and image, over everything that has ever been created!
I mean, WOW! How loving our Father is, that we are the image bearers of the God of all creation!
And the beauty of our creation, is that whenever a husband and wife come together in sexual union and are blessed with a child, they are afforded the very special gift of spreading the image of God throughout the world!
This is, one of the created mandates of man, by God at the time of creation, as God told mankind, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

You know

But this only demonstrates a part of God’s purpose in our creation.
Understanding function helps to explain design. This is true with most things in natural science that we look at, I think.
But, in our case, as human beings, function can limit how you view and explain the, “why” part of our creation.
This is because we tend to look at the natural/physical part of our existence and how we interact and respond to God and others and this view can drastically skew and take away from the real reason that God created you and I.
The real question then is, “WHY WERE WE CREATED TO BEGIN WITH?”
That is, what was the very reason that God put us here for?

I think that the best way to answer this question, is just to go straight to the source, to the very one who created us to begin with and let Him answer this in His own words, AMEN?!

Just like if we wanted to know about anything else that was invented/created, it only makes sense to go to the inventor himself/herself and ask them, “What was your reason for making this?” As opposed to going around and asking other people their opinions of the created purpose of something they had no part in the creation of!
So, let’s ask Him right now, together: everyone altogether, join me and ask, “God, why did you create ME?
So, let’s do that very thing right now, let’s ask God: everyone altogether, join me and ask, “God, why did you create ME?
Now listen, do you hear that, do you hear Him answering? (WHISPER FAINTLY AND THEN BUILD: GLORY.......MY GLORY!)
Or we can just look in His word and get the answer! Let’s look in the book of ,
Isaiah 43:7 NLT
Bring all who claim me as their God, for I have made them for my glory. It was I who created them.’ ”
Did everyone get that? WE WERE CREATED FOR HIS GLORY!
We were specifically made in His image and with His designed purpose for each one of our own lives, to bring Him GLORY!
That is
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