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Wedding and Wine

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Things to remember:
John is purposefully highly selective in his material.
John by the holy spirit is leading us to understand Jesus as the Messiah and the Son of God, in fulfillment of the OT Scriptures. He does this by selecting content from the life of Jesus that pushes us in that direction. And so John chooses seven signs and seven “I am” statements that move us in that direction.
my hour has not yet come. I often think that at 4:45 in the morning when my alarm goes off.
, , , the hour was the time of Jesus' death
, , the hour also had to do with His resurrection and ascension when Jesus would be glorified.
What was Jesus objecting to when He said "my hour has not yet come"?
His death?
His glorification?
It's not that Jesus is objecting to this dual-event, but He's saying that it is not time to bring about what would happen when He died and was glorified.
v. 3 Jesus' mother realized that Jesus could do something about the issue, which is clear from her affirmation of Him in v. 5 How often do we bring our simple problems to Jesus?
How often do we bring our simple problems to Jesus?
Manifested His glory ()
One thing that John is trying to communicate is that Jesus, as the Messiah was not just restoring Judaism but was bringing about something better entirely. And so you’ve got the contrast between Jesus and Moses in the prologue, the sacrificial system, Jesus and the ladder to heaven, Jesus as the true temple in chapter 2, the bronze serpent, Jesus as greater than Jacob, Moses again, mana, the feast of tabernacles, Abraham.
Whether or not John's intent is to point to some Messianic reality on this occasion is not entirely clear. What is clear however, is that Jesus offers an abundance
Jesus is the bridegroom ,
it was the bridegroom’s responsibility to provide wine and feast
Hos. 2.14-23
Hosea 2:14–23 ESV
14 “Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her. 15 And there I will give her her vineyards and make the Valley of Achor a door of hope. And there she shall answer as in the days of her youth, as at the time when she came out of the land of Egypt. 16 “And in that day, declares the Lord, you will call me ‘My Husband,’ and no longer will you call me ‘My Baal.’ 17 For I will remove the names of the Baals from her mouth, and they shall be remembered by name no more. 18 And I will make for them a covenant on that day with the beasts of the field, the birds of the heavens, and the creeping things of the ground. And I will abolish the bow, the sword, and war from the land, and I will make you lie down in safety. 19 And I will betroth you to me forever. I will betroth you to me in righteousness and in justice, in steadfast love and in mercy. 20 I will betroth you to me in faithfulness. And you shall know the Lord. 21 “And in that day I will answer, declares the Lord, I will answer the heavens, and they shall answer the earth, 22 and the earth shall answer the grain, the wine, and the oil, and they shall answer Jezreel, 23 and I will sow her for myself in the land. And I will have mercy on No Mercy, and I will say to Not My People, ‘You are my people’; and he shall say, ‘You are my God.’ ”
Joel 3:18 ESV
18 “And in that day the mountains shall drip sweet wine, and the hills shall flow with milk, and all the streambeds of Judah shall flow with water; and a fountain shall come forth from the house of the Lord and water the Valley of Shittim.
Amos 9:13–14 ESV
13 “Behold, the days are coming,” declares the Lord, “when the plowman shall overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes him who sows the seed; the mountains shall drip sweet wine, and all the hills shall flow with it. 14 I will restore the fortunes of my people Israel, and they shall rebuild the ruined cities and inhabit them; they shall plant vineyards and drink their wine, and they shall make gardens and eat their fruit.
Isaiah 24:7–11 ESV
7 The wine mourns, the vine languishes, all the merry-hearted sigh. 8 The mirth of the tambourines is stilled, the noise of the jubilant has ceased, the mirth of the lyre is stilled. 9 No more do they drink wine with singing; strong drink is bitter to those who drink it. 10 The wasted city is broken down; every house is shut up so that none can enter. 11 There is an outcry in the streets for lack of wine; all joy has grown dark; the gladness of the earth is banished.
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