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Acts 22:3-8, 14-22

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The gospel radically redirects the lives of all of those who believe.

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Share one of the most memorable moments you have had. Was that hard to share?
Today we are going to be looking at a passage where Paul shares the most memorable moments in his life.



What characters are in the passage?

Jewish Crowd

Who was the original audience? Context?

Angry Jewish Mob and the Romans

Retell the story as a group.

What does this scripture say about God?

God’s grace is amazing
He can save ANYONE, and radically redirect them for His purposes
God may call you to uncomfortable situations like sharing your testimony with an angry mob.

What does this scripture say about Jesus?

We can be saved by putting our faith in Jesus.
Jesus does not discriminate between different kinds of people when it comes to salvation. He is willing to save ANYONE
Jesus is worth all of what Paul had gone through

What does this scripture say about the Holy Spirit?

He works in a variety of ways to get people saved in Jesus.
He works in visions and dreams

What does this scripture say about Mankind?

Men and women can be used by God to do some incredible things
Men and women need to put their faith in Jesus
Men and women can be distracted by a multitude of things like race, ethnicity, socio economic status, education, etc.


What were the characters experiencing or feeling?

Joy in his salvation and obedience
Joy in recounting what God has done
Resolve in being where God has called him to be
The Jewish crowd
Blindness due to racism

What do you feel when you read this passage? (Consider your own attitudes or heart toward this passage.)

Proud of Paul
Sad about the Jewish Crowd


Are there any commands to follow?


What is the scripture asking us to live/practice in our daily lives?

Share our faith
Look out for God’s work through the Holy Spirit in our lives and the lives of others
Be ready to go to whatever place God calls you to

Main Idea: The gospel radically redirects the lives of all who believe.

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