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Salt & Light

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Who is Salt and Light?

Who has “salted” my life, making it less bland?
Who has been a light to my life, showing me truth?
Those who are salt and light are the people listed previously, that is:
The poor in Spirit
Those who mourn
The humble
Those who thirst and hunger for righteousness
The merciful
The pure in heart
The peacemakers
Those persecuted for righteousness sake
These are the “good works”, In the empty space we make, God fills us up
Do the salty, light filled people in my life reflect these characteristics?
Do I reflect these characteristics?
Do I exhibit these characteristics?

Am I bland? Am I hiding my light?

The bland and the dim are the opposite:
Spiritually self sufficient
Can take care of themselves
Divided in heart
Choosing safety over doing what is right
Have I lost my flavor? Have I hidden the Holy Spirit’s work in my life?

What is at Stake

Your own usefulness
Whether others glorify God
Empty yourself then Be filled with God’s flavor
Whether others glorify God
Let others see God in your emptiness that they may glorify God
Be filled with God
Others will see God’s power in your emptiness
They will glorify God
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