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Psalm 59

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Illus: Characteristics of outlaws in the Old West…shoot their victims in the back.
1 Samuel 19:11 CSB
Saul sent agents to David’s house to watch for him and kill him in the morning. But his wife Michal warned David, “If you don’t escape tonight, you will be dead tomorrow!”
A. Prayer of Deliverance 1-3
The prayer for deliverance discloses both hope in the Lord’s ability to rescue and the urgent need to be delivered. WHY? Enemies are present —The are wicked men with no regard for human life. They enjoy alienation and bringing calamity on others.
B. Innocence and Protestation 4-5
David declares his innocence and yet his enemies are publically attacking him. David needs the Lord’s intervention.
Though people may plan evil and create chaos on earth, God has promised to protect his covenantal people.
Emphatic “you” David remembers that it is the Lord who alone is God. In the midst of trials, David calls on the Lord.
C. The Wicked and God 6-8
The wicked are like dogs—big rats in other countries. They bring anarchy, enjoy chaos, and speak arrogantly. They question the Lord and use their tongues as swords.
In spite of their commotion, the Lord is not moved. Evil is ridiculous and self-destructive. The Lord is concerned about justice.
C’ Hope in God 9-10
No one is stronger than the Lord. He is the strength of the people. The Lord is a “fortress” or “stronghold” even in the midst of chaos. The Lord is a loving God with whom the people thrive in his love.
B’ Imprecation on the Wicked 10-13
Evil people will be held accountable for their ways. They attempted chaos so they must aim wondrously.
David prays purposefully that the judgment of the wicked will be gradual and not immediate so that the power of the Lord would be more evident to the righteous as well as to the other adversaries.
The judgments of the Lord are to 1. encourage the people of God and 2. instruct the nations to fear Him. The world will know that they cannot be compared with the Lord of Israel.
A’ Confidence in God’s Response 14-17
While the enemies are acting like hungry dogs, David encourages his people to praise the Lord because of his covenantal love. God is strength, fortress, and love and that should give us great hope.
The tides have turn, the vicious dogs of the beginning of the psalm are now hungry and whinny. Becoming starving wanderers.
The Lord’s mercies and covenantal love is new every morning. Therefore we can sing. The dark of the night cannot hold out the sun in the morning.
From lament to praise for God who is our strength.
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